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Missouri eases child care regulation to improve access

Lack of childcare is one of the issues parents are facing in this pandemic. Daycares across the nation are closing mostly for safety reasons. The state of Missouri has decided to make things easier for centers that choose to continue to operate during the pandemic. The state has allowed licensed centers to use emergency school closing rules. This means they can take in enrolled-school age children. The state is furthermore (1) letting providers exceed the license capacity of their location by 1/3 during this time (2) making available short-term 45-day licenses that can be renewed (3) Loosening some regulations for record...

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Rochester Library Points the Way to Online Delivery of Services Despite Coronavirus Shutdown

Prognosticators say the Coronavirus outbreak will likely transform how we work and live in lasting ways.  It's the ultimate test of the remote workplace and digital world that allows us to work and shop safely online and tap into other services through technology, rather than in person. The coming changes include delivery of government services with the big box public library being one of the most obvious models in need of an overhaul. In fact, the Rochester Public Library can already give us a glimpse of the digital future, due to disruptions in service that preceded the pandemic but prepared the...

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Coronavirus exposes the need to structure regulation around small businesses

Small businesses make the majority of the American economy; they employ close to 50% of the labor force and make up the majority of job growth numbers. But small businesses are more fragile and susceptible to economic downturns. Small businesses operate on razor margins; the corona virus has revealed how thin. Service industries like restaurants and other small businesses are already laying off workers and closing for business. Most of them cannot foresee themselves riding out the effects of the corona virus if it persists for much longer. Many small businesses are already not insulated to economic hits -- only 50%...

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Regulatory costs disproportionately affect small businesses

The effect of regulation on small businesses have bigger effects on the economy. Because regulations prevent small firms from growing and also surviving, the economy is affected. Small businesses make up the majority of businesses and they account for majority of job creation. Regulation effectively stalls job creation, stagnates income growth, and generally reduce wealth creation....

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