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In 2017 Half of Taxpayers Paid 97% of all Federal Income Taxes

The IRS (internal Revenue Service) has released data on individual income for the the tax year 2017. The data shows that the U.S tax system continues to be progressive with high income earners contributing the most to tax revenue. Moreover, the share of taxes for the 1% rose as their reported taxable income also rose. This is contrary to the popular view that the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes....

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Marriott Seeks $2.5 Million in Tax Breaks for Mankato Hotel

Marriott is the biggest hotel company in the world, a fixture on the Fortune 500 list. But whether  the corporation follows through with a proposed $14 million SpringHill Suites hotel in Mankato may hinge on whether the city and county provide the project with a big tax break. That's the dilemma facing city and county elected officials, according to the Mankato Free Press. The two local governments would surrender a combined $2.5 million in tax revenue generated by the new Marriott-brand hotel over two decades. In return, the 117-room hotel would bring benefits to Mankato Area Public Schools, to downtown Mankato and...

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A changing gold standard: The overlooked value of associate degrees and certificates

Middle-skills pathway credentials are becoming more important to meet workforce demands in our expanding non-bachelor's-degree economy. According to a report by Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, certificates and associate degrees can be viable routes to economic opportunity, but they are often overlooked. ...

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Neel Kashkari on Affordable Housing-Only the private sector, through increased housing supply, will be able to address the affordable housing crisis

I do applaud the new direction the Fed is taking to possibly focus on the supply side. During the America's Rental Housing Report Release, Neel Kashkari emphasized the need to incentivize the private sector to increase housing supply. ...

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