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Costly Surcharges on the Menu as Diners Pay for Restaurant Regulations

Diners may find more offerings on the menu at an increasing number of Twin Cities restaurants these days but not necessarily the usual gourmet fare. In addition to entrees, drinks and desserts, the tab now often includes a health care or other surcharge as restaurants seek to recover higher costs due to minimum wage hikes, paid time off and other costly new local government regulations. The trend remained largely under the radar until a diner surprised by a three percent surcharge tacked onto the cost of his meal filed a law suit, according to the Star Tribune. Christopher Ashbach, 40, of Arden...

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In The Tank (Ep221) – COP25 was a Joke and Talking MMT with Bob Murphy

Hello! In this episode, Isaac let's Donny, Justin, and Jim take the reigns. The gang talks about Heartland's trip to Madrid for COP25 and how climate alarmism seems to paint itself into a corner. Later, Donald is joined by economist and senior fellow at the Mises Institute, Bob Murphy, to talk about Modern Monetary Theory and the national debt. https://soundcloud.com/user-694711047/in-the-tank-ep221-cop25-was-a-joke-and-talking-mmt-with-bob-murphy?in=user-694711047/sets/in-the-tank-podcast  ...

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