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Let Me Introduce Myself

I have recently joined Center of the American Experiment as an economist to contribute to the Center's research and analysis on Minnesota's economy as well as various policy issues. Growing up in Malawi, Africa, I thought of the government as a provider, a protector and a planner. Generally the government provided most basic goods and services, or subsidized them when they were privately produced. From this understanding I developed a passion for  wanting to understand the functions of government as they relate to the economy. My interest stemmed from experiencing the chronic scarcity of basic goods and services, most of which...

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Olmsted County Taxpayers on Hook for $1.5 Million in Uncollected Fees

Olmsted County residents owe nearly $1.5 million in uncollected fees for services they received this year. But as 2019 winds down the chances of collecting most of those funds appears unlikely, according to the Rochester Post Bulletin. “There are a wide variety of things we charge for,” Deputy County Administrator Paul Fleissner, said noting the fees are related to a variety of county health, housing and human services. Approximately half of the uncollected fees — $747,000 — are related to alcohol and drug detox efforts, according to a report produced by Olmsted County Chief Financial Officer Wilfredo Roman-Catala. Fleissner said the detox fees...

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