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Minnesota’s unemployment rate is down from July to August, but the number of people unemployed is up 20% over the year

Over the last year, Minnesota's working age population has grown faster than that of the United States generally, but employment has increase more slowly. As a result, while the number of unemployed rose across the country by 1.3%, in Minnesota it increased by 20.1%. ...

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Which training programs for skilled workers perform best?

Minnesota employers in manufacturing and the trades continue to grapple with daunting workforce challenges. For example, while the construction industry in our state grew 20 percent from 2014 to 2018, the labor force grew only 2.8 percent from 2013 to 2017, according to Sean O’Neil of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. A recent Star Tribune article assessed the kinds of training programs that are most effectively preparing new workers to replace retiring, highly skilled Baby-boomers....

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Technicians and ‘One of the Greatest Scientific Achievements of the 21st Century’

As part of Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree, I’ve reviewed a lot of reports in recent years that blur into each other about why and how we must do much better as a nation in one technical workforce area or some other.  This the case lest we seriously harm ourselves scientifically, technologically, and economically.  I intend no disrespect by acknowledging cloudiness, as the shortcomings cited each time are consequential and worrisome, and the scholars and officials addressing them distinguished....

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Tiny Houses Turn Out to be No Big Deal in Minnesota

It's a small thing which is why it's such a big deal. The media's infatuation with tiny houses turns out to be less than monumental with the public. It seems there's no big or little housing boom here when it comes to tiny houses, baffling affordable housing proponents and city planners, according to the Pioneer Press. “To date, no one (in Minnesota) has responded to the tiny house market in any sort of viable,reasonable or comprehensive way,” said Jay Nord, general contractor at Singular Inc., and an affordable housing advocate. Despite the need for affordable housing in the Twin Cities, the desire...

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