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A decrease in housing supply, coupled with high demand for houses during the crisis has pushed housing prices up

When it comes to solving the affordable housing crisis, legislators most often exclusively suggest increased funding or rent control. What they seem to ignore, however, is that the housing market is like that of any other goods. If housing supply falls down to a level lower than that of demand, prices are going to go high, and vice versa. And the current rise in housing prices due to the downward covid-19 induced supply shock is a testament to that phenomenon. The housing market, as it turns out, is not immune to the laws of demand and supply. ...

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Poverty was going down in the US before the pandemic

It is safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic might offset some of the gains that the country has made. But regardless of that, the Census Bureau numbers point to how beneficial a strong and growing economy is to the wellbeing of the people. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not just the rich that benefit from a growing economy. These numbers show that a strong economy benefits everyone and contributes a lot of uplifting people out of poverty....

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Florida voters to decide on whether the state should raise its minimum wage

Even if this was a time of economic growth, there is no evidence that suggests raising the minimum wage is ever a good idea. If the people of Florida care about their economy they should look at all the evidence showing how detrimental raising the minimum wage is on small businesses and low skilled workers. Focusing on the good intentions behind this policy will not make any of the harmful effects disappear. ...

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Economic theory tells us why we should not be surprised that Google, Amazon and Apple decided to pass on higher taxes to consumers through higher prices

Apple, Google, and Amazon are big companies, whose services are constantly in high demand. For as long as this holds true, economic theory dictates that these corporations will likely respond to higher taxes by raising prices. ...

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