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Evidence from San Francisco shows that rent control makes income inequality worse

Surely, when San Francisco's politicians passed rent control laws they didn't intend to increase income inequality in the city. But that is what happened. Once again, we see the truth of Milton Friedman's old saying: “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results”...

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Affordable housing is rare because it’s illegal to build

Excessive fees and regulations are the problem – high prices are just the symptom. We need the supply of housing to expand. Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars dealing with the symptoms, our policymakers must remove the barriers to the construction of affordable housing – barriers which, in many cases, they are responsible for erecting....

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New research shows that lower state taxes can increase entrepreneurship

Minnesota is one of the highest taxed states in America. Research shows that these high tax rates disincentivize R&D. And the data shows that our state lags the national average on R&D spending. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Minnesota’s high taxes are deterring R&D in the state. To get that investment up, we need to get those rates down....

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High school auto mechanic internship program prepares students for future careers

Philadelphia's Office of Fleet Management is in charge of keeping city vehicles available, dependable, and safe. Its internship program, started in 1993, employs students who are enrolled in auto mechanic programs at local high schools to repair and maintain the city’s fleet of automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles....

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