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Productivity and pay are linked – A rising tide still lifts all boats

Possibly the main debate in economic policy today is growth vs redistribution: who gets how much of the cake, or should we try to bake a bigger cake? Arguments in favor of redistribution have rested on the idea that growth - a bigger cake - benefits only very few people. This research shows that to be untrue. A rising tide still lifts all boats. ...

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Should we worry about a ‘labor shortage’ or rising unemployment in Minnesota?

Over the last year Minnesota has added more people but fewer jobs that the nation as a whole. The number of Minnesotans not working - either unemployed or out of the labor force entirely - has risen, while it has fallen nationally. Perhaps it is time to refocus our attention away from the supposed 'labor shortage' and towards our growing unemployment problem. ...

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Minnesota has the fourth most expensive childcare in the country. Is this lowering female employment?

A new study finds that Minnesota ranks 4th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia for most expensive infant care. Child care expenses are a real problem for families and even moderate earners in our state. It is highly likely that they account for some of our state's lagging performance on female employment....

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