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Northern Minnesota’s Iron Will

My American Experiment colleague Isaac Orr was on WCCO radio on June 6 talking powerfully about how huge amounts of iron ore mined in Northern Minnesota, used to build ships, tanks, and other tools of war, made U.S. and allied victory on D-Day possible 75 years earlier.  At one point he spoke of railcars filling with ore every 20 seconds, one after another after another.  Impossible-to-fathom amounts. His comments got me thinking again about what historian Paul Johnson wrote about the war effort’s extraordinary scope – the number of planes in particular – in his 1983 masterwork, Modern Times: The World...

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ND Saloon Makes a Federal Case Out of City Ban on Murals

The optics may be different than the case featuring a showdown between an inflatable Mario outside a Florida video store and local authorities determined to ban it. But the same principles drive a similar legal standoff playing out next door in North Dakota, thanks to the Institute for Justice, a national nonprofit law firm that specializes in defending Americans' constitutional rights. The controversy focuses on a mural painted on the side of a Mandan saloon dubbed the "Lonesome Dove." The owners thought a painting of a western landscape with cattle and cowboys amid a setting sun might round up more business--and it...

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