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Zoom sees tremendous growth during the COVID-19 pandemic due to significant increase in demand for the video calling software

Zoom has seen tremendous growth in revenue due to an increase in the number of people using its video calling software during the shutdown. During the second quarter, Zoom saw an annual 355% rise in revenue, 81% of which was driven by new customer subscriptions. ...

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According to evidence, raising the minimum wage is one sure way of pushing low skilled individuals into even lower paying jobs

Politicians claim that raising the minimum wage will help take all people out of poverty. But the evidence does not support this. Instead, the data shows that while raising minimum wage increases wages for some, it increases unemployment for low skilled individuals and pushes them into jobs paying less than the mandated federal minimum wage. ...

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Lake Elmo is facing a budget deficit due to an accounting error, but its city council will more likely raise taxes rather than cut spending

The city of Lake Elmo is facing a budget deficit due to an accounting error. However, according to the city administrator, the city council will probably rather raise property taxes and maintain increased projected spending, rather than cut spending. That just goes to show how fiscally irresponsible governments are when it comes to handling taxpayers` money. ...

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Minneapolis Businesses Rebuilding After Riots Burned Again by City Hall

It's hard to blame businesses considering rebuilding after the riots in Minneapolis for wanting to take additional security measures to protect themselves. They have little choice with the lack of support they received from police when it mattered most. One obvious, albeit costly, option involves the installation of metal  screens and shutters to protect windows and doors from the next time vandals target their storefronts for the fun of  it. Obvious to everyone, that is, except the city of Minneapolis, which has found yet another way to stand in the way of small businesses willing to take another chance on the neighborhood,...

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