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Presidential Orders Seek to Kickstart Mining Industry Revival

The following article as written by Duggan Flanakin at CFACT.org: History was made in March when federal officials gave the green light for construction and operation of copper mines in Arizona and Minnesota, in both cases after decades-long permitting processes that overcame huge legal challenges by environmentalists. Since 2000, the U.S. has seen only 14 major metal mines start up production – all after permitting battles that lasted a whopping 6 to 23 years (not including the pre-permitting exploration, environmental baseline studies, and feasibility studies that add another 10 to 15 years to the timeline). The Army Corps of Engineers and Forest...

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Legal Loophole in CCAP allows child care centers to bill for services they do not provide

Perhaps by coming together on the CCAP fraud issue, lawmakers can begin to plan for a complete overhaul of Minnesota’s generous and infamous welfare system. What other programs are being ripped off? Welfare fraud is nothing new in Minnesota and began long before Somali refugees started arriving in the 1990’s. Any major overhaul will require the support of Governor Walz to be successful. Perhaps the federal government could get the governor’s attention....

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In The Tank (ep187) – American Experiment’s John Phelan on Modern Monetary Theory, Return Free Filing, Game of Thrones

Heartland's Donald Kendal, and Jim Lakely are joined by Isaac Orr in episode #187 of the In The Tank Podcast. Today's episode features work from the Center of the American Experiment, and the Tax Policy Center. In the first segment, Donald is joined by the Center of the American Experiment's John Phelan to talk about Modern Monetary Theory. Phelan explains why this "theory" holds no water and why it could result in economic disaster. CNBC interview with Stephanie Kelton. In the next segment, Donald, Jim, and Isaac talk about Tax Day and and the concept of "return free filing." A Briefing Book from the Tax...

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