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Minnesota doesn’t need higher gas taxes

In terms of revenue the politicians in Saint Paul have never had it so good. Why, then, are they pleading poverty and planning to take more of their citizen's money from them? If they are having trouble funding a core competency such as roads, that would seem not to be the result of a shortage of revenue but of a mistaken allocation of the revenue they have. With all the cash they get from us and the surplus they are projected to get, there is no excuse for soaking the state's citizens afresh to pay for something so basic. ...

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Tax Conformity: That Ship Has Sailed

The Associated Press had a great overview of the problem presented by the failure of Governor Mark Dayton to negotiate and sign a bill that would bring Minnesota income tax law into conformity with the new federal tax law. The article tries to assign shared- blame between legislators and the governor; that is not fair to legislators who put a bill in front of the governor for his signature. At the start of the session, most observers agreed that this was the one issue that had to be handled. But Dayton did not offer to negotiate, he just vetoed it. He...

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Minnesota’s economic performance continues to be unimpressive. And there are signs for concern about the future

Yesterday, we released our new report The State of Minnesota’s Economy: 2018. After finding Minnesota's economic performance to be 'lackluster' last year, we had to raid the thesaurus again. Our state's economic performance continues to be unimpressive. Furthermore, looking at key drivers of future growth, there is cause for concern. ...

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New Report: Minnesota’s Economy Continues to Lag in Key Areas

[caption id="attachment_12743" align="alignleft" width="167"] American Experiment economist John Phelan[/caption] The State of Minnesota’s Economy: 2018 report analyzes the key metrics that have driven Minnesota’s economy over time since 2000, identifying strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for the consideration of policymakers and the public. On the positive side, Minnesotans’ median household income of $70,218 ranks 15th among states, nearly 19 percent over the national average. But a closer look at the data reveals Minnesota achieves that level of household income because a greater percentage of residents are in the workforce (68.8%) than in all but one other state. In fact, Minnesotans have fallen behind the...

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If we want carbon taxes without riots, reduce other taxes

Very often, the people who argue that carbon taxes need to be higher are the same people who argue that all the other taxes should be higher as well. Do they want to save the planet? Or do they just want higher taxes? If they were willing to accept cuts in other taxes to offset increased carbon taxes, they might find less resistance to their policies. ...

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