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If billionaires want the government to have more of their money, why not just give it to them?

"I'm a billionaire. Please raise my taxes" So wrote Tom Steyer, president of the left wing advocacy organization NextGen America in an op-ed for the LA Times last year. But the U.S. Treasury will gratefully accept any gift that Mr. Steyer and any other 'patriotic millionaires' want to give it. If he wants to give more money to the federal government he can do so and he can do it today. ...

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Duluth News Tribune: Statewide View: The more they learn, the more Minnesotans support copper mining

A majority of Minnesotans from around the state appear ready to embrace the prospect of developing Minnesota's massive copper, nickel, gold, platinum, and titanium resources through expanded mining. Support for mining grew when residents learned that developing our mineral resources would add $3.7 billion to Minnesota's economy and support 8,500 jobs ....

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Employers reach out to people with disabilities

Minnesota’s workforce shortages are encouraging employers to reach out to a previously often-overlooked group—people with disabilities. A recent MinnPost article highlights the success of Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI), a nonprofit that, for more than 50 years, has helped people with physical, mental or emotional disabilities find opportunities to participate in the labor market....

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Learning from 26 Million Job Postings

Two members of the Harvard Business School faculty, Joseph B. Fuller and Manjari Raman, write about a four-year degree inflation problem in a 2017 report, "Dismissed by Degrees: How Degree Inflation is Undermining U.S. Competitiveness and Hurting America’s Middle Class." It challenges the idea that employers are as willing to hire men and women with credentials other than four-year degrees as my American Experiment colleagues and I contend they are. ...

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How government can keep housing affordable for everyone: stop making housing more expensive and stop trying to help

Before our legislature or local governments try anything new, or tap more taxpayers dollars, they should first analyze how state and local regulations drive the costs of building and maintaining rental and other housing, especially for people who are cost sensitive: students, young people just getting a start and for low-income residents, including the elderly who are in fixed incomes....

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