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Mayor Carter should stop squandering political capital on his harmful minimum wage policy, and get serious about tackling crime in St. Paul

One of the first things we expect from government is to protect us from violence. A government that can’t or won’t fulfill that basic function isn’t worth bothering with. Like any politician, Mayor Carter only has so much political capital. For the good of the city’s residents, he should spend less of it on harmful policies like minimum wage hikes, and more on making the city safer....

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Milton Friedman on free trade

Trade is one of the oldest topics in economics. It is also one of the oldest sources of economic dispute. Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations in 1776 largely to refute the doctrines of the Mercantilists. The essential issues remain unchanged since Smith's time. Anyone looking at arguments in the centuries since will be struck by how contemporary they sound. For an example, look at this Newsweek column, written by the economist Milton Friedman in 1970. All you have to do is replace 'Japan' with 'China', and you have a sharp comment on current trade disputes. ...

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Evidence suggests that, compared to Wisconsin, Minnesota’s minimum wage hikes have cost restaurant jobs and lowered youth employment

In terms of a 'Border Battle', Minnesota's minimum wage hikes have raised wages for some workers relative to Wisconsin, but they have also lead to less employment in restaurants and less employment for young workers. As St. Paul considers instituting a $15ph minimum wage, with restaurant workers at the forefront, this should make them think again. A minimum wage of $15ph might work out at $0ph. ...

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