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California wants to raise taxes on the state’s highest income earners, but that would be disastrous

Either way we look at it,  the economy has suffered massive disruptions, and it is bound to stay contracted for some time. Raising taxes on the rich, especially now, is an inefficient way for any state to raise revenue. A wealth tax discourages savings, investment, and business formation. This in turn creates long-lasting damage to the economy. ...

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Minnesota Center For Energy and Environment thinks governments “have room” to raise taxes in communities losing coal plants

Energy policy in Minnesota is a mess. Liberal politicians, profit-seeking, government-approved monopoly utilities like Xcel Energy, and environmental groups are pushing for the closure of Minnesota's reliable coal-fired power plants, which produce some of the most affordable electricity in the state, decades before the end of their useful lifetimes. Their "solution," is to replace the coal plants with unreliable sources of electricity, like wind and solar power. Losing Minnesota's existing coal plants is bad for the entire state because our economy needs affordable energy to compete with companies abroad. But the loss of coal-fired power plants is felt even more in the...

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New research suggests creating Interstate compacts to end Economic development subsidy war between states

Offering economic development subsidies to a company is a common practice among US states and Cities. Research, however, shows that subsidies have very little impact on economic development and they are sometimes economically destructive. New research suggests creating interstate compacts would help states end this economically harmful practice. ...

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Home Renovations in Minnesota Cost More, Deliver Inferior Returns

In June, American Experiment released a groundbreaking new report taking a look at the lack of affordable housing in Minnesota. One of the findings of that report found that government regulations were pushing up the price of housing. An annual report on the value of home remodeling called the Cost Vs Value Report appears to corroborate these findings of the report: Minnesotans pay more for less. The report is interesting for a number of reasons. It shows that kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects have low returns on investment nationally, but this is especially true in Minnesota, where jobs costs are higher...

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