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Minnesota’s Senate Democrats said that November’s budget deficits were the result of tax cuts. Will they say the same about the surplus projected now?

When a deficit for the state's budget was forecast in November, Minnesota's Senate Democrats were quick to blame none-existent tax cuts, contrary to the explanation actually given with the forecast. What will they say now that federal tax cuts have generated a surplus? ...

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Spam! Tax Cuts Lead to Pay Hike and Stock Options for Hormel Employees

More "crumbs" as Nancy Pelosi put it for the workforce of another mega Minnesota employer, thanks to the federal tax cuts. Hormel Foods recently jacked up beginning wages to $13 an hour and offered stock options to employees with increased revenue from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The Austin, Minnesota company best known for Spam shared the good news in the Rochester Post Bulletin. “Tax reform will have a clear benefit to all Hormel Foods stakeholders — our shareholders, our employees, and the communities in which we operate,” Hormel President and CEO Jim Snee said in the announcement. “The ongoing...

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