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Metro Democrats Take Aim At Minnesota’s Mining Industry (Again)

Congresswoman Betty McCollum, who represents St. Paul, has once again taken aim at Minnesota's mining industry by inserting language into a federal spending bill that would prevent federal agencies from reviewing mine plans within the Rainy River Watershed and Superior National Forest during the 2021 fiscal year. The measure is a transparent attack on the mine plan proposed by Twin Metals Minnesota, but it would also prevent federal agencies from moving ahead with permitting any iron ore mines, or even gravel quarries, that might seek federal approval to operate a mine. According to the Duluth News Tribune: "None of the funds appropriated or...

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Coronavirus and Competition Too Much for City’s Fitness Center

The budget crunch facing local governments due to the economic impact of COVID-19 may not be all bad if it leads cities to get out of businesses they probably had no business being in in the first place. Take the fitness center operated as part of by the city of South St. Paul's community center in a former school building, finally on the chopping block after years of steadily declining results, according to the Pioneer Press. City and school officials say the idea, which came up as they prepared for the July 6 reopening of the center amid the coronavirus pandemic,...

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Unemployment numbers show that Minnesota Unemployment fell in june as more businesses started reopening

8.6% is still quite a gloomy number compared to 3.2% from the pre-corona virus period. The decline in unemployment is however a big sign of how destructive the shutdowns were to the economy, especially to the hospitality industry. If the state government can resist making additional arbitrary rules that negatively impact businesses, this downward trend in unemployment is highly likely to persist....

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Lack of access to affordable childcare costs Indiana employers $1.8B a year

There are currently no estimates for the economic cost of lack of access to affordable childcare on the whole state of Minnesota. But the high cost on employers due to lack of access to childcare in Indiana points to a similar high cost for employers in Minnesota. Minnesota and Indiana are both among the least affordable states for childcare, so the costs on their economies from lack of childcare are bound to be high....

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