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After enacting the disastrous $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis, activists now have Saint Paul’s labor market in their sights

Newly elected Saint Paul mayor Melvin Carter is seeking to copy Minneapolis in its job killing $15 minimum wage. But declaring what the wage will be from the comfort of political office is easy. The hard work will fall on the employers and employees affected. ...

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Thousands of Minnesotans Get Bonuses and Pay Hikes Thanks to Tax Cuts [UPDATED]

UPDATE (2/3/18): Minnesota companies big and small continue to pass along the financial benefits of the federal tax cuts. Best Buy just announced the biggest across the board federal tax cut bonus for employees by a Minnesota company yet, certainly one of the biggest in the country. More than 100,000 Best Buy employees will receive a boost, a $1,000 bonus check for full-time staff and $500 for part-timers. The news made local headlines in the Star Tribune and other local media that' have largely overlooked the growing list of Minnesota firms and employees that have already benefited from tax reform. In addition,...

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