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Minnesota ranks 11th nationally for increases in occupational licensing requirements

Occupational licensing requirements are presented as 'consumer protection' but really only protect producers, making us all worse off. Minnesota has, traditionally, had an accommodating environment but between 2012 and 2017, the rate of growth of the breadth and burden of Minnesota's occupational licensing requirements was the 11th highest in the country and nearly double the national rate of 4%. ...

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What should lawmakers consider when rewriting tax policy? Five experts give their perspectives

As the Minnesota Legislature prepares to debate the best way to align the state's tax code with recent federal changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Pioneer Press asked five experts, including the Center's economist John Phelan, what they hoped lawmakers would prioritize....

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I Challenge Anyone at the Met Council to Watch this Video on the Coming Future of Energy and Transportation and Then Explain Why It’s Smart to ‘Invest’ $2 Billion in SW Light Rail

I would also like those at the Met Council involved with committing taxpayers to spend $2 billion on SWLRT, plus millions more annually for operations and maintenance, to read my post from last year: All the reasons the Met Council screwed up $BIG TIME by forcing light rail....

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Minnesota’s wage growth ranks 45th in the United States

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that from February 2017 to February 2018 Minnesota's rate of wage growth ranked 45th in the United States. Given our below national average worker productivity, we should expect to see this trend emerge. To reverse, we need to make our workforce more productive. ...

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