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What trade means for Minnesotans

Recently, I had the pleasure of addressing a meeting in Mankato hosted by the Heritage Foundation on the subject of trade and its role in Minnesota's economy. I argued that, if our aim is to build an economy tilted towards investment, increased productivity, and higher high wages, we would be better off pursuing a policy of open trade....

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The Problem with Public Sector Unions

[Related side comment:] In today’s landmark Janus decision, the minority accused the majority of “weaponizing the First Amendment.”  Really?  Are these political operatives on a TV show or justices of the United States Supreme Court? Earlier this year Daniel DiSalvo, associate professor of political science at the City College of New York, published a good essay in City Journal that mentioned some of the problems with public sector unions that never seem to enter the public discussion. Inherent Conflict of Interest Elected officials face an inherent conflict of interest when they deal with public-sector unions.  When they are running for office they go...

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