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Why Enbridge 3 Pipeline Matters to Minnesota

Minnesota Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) recently took the rare step of speaking on the floor to give an impassioned speech on the vital importance of the Enbridge 3 replacement pipeline project. The $3 billion project would deliver enormous economic and environmental benefits to the state, particularly in northern counties in need of high-paying jobs and taxes generated by the pipeline. But after three years, Enbridge 3 still remains tied up in regulatory red tape under the Dayton administration. Daudt makes a strong case for moving forward with a construction project that's a win-win for Minnesota's environment and economy. Unfortunately, Gov....

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New employment data shows that Minnesota has the second highest unemployment rate in the region

Today sees the release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of its estimates of Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment. These can be a useful way to compare economic performance. Minnesota’s economy differs from those of neighbors such as Iowa and North Dakota, even Wisconsin. As a result, comparisons of state level data are of limited use. This variation, while still present, is a little less pronounced between urban areas. So what did the BLS data show?...

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Minnesota’s Mr. Wrong: Gov. Dayton’s Math and Reasons for Vetoing Tax Bill Don’t Hold Water

Mark Haveman, our friend who runs the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence, penned a brilliant op-ed in today’s Star Tribune that blows up Gov. Dayton’s stated main reason for vetoing the 2018 tax bill. Haveman devastated Dayton’s main criticism that “misguided priorities for corporations” emphasize “tax cuts for corporations over real people.” For starters, the claim of excessively favorable treatment of corporations doesn’t match the reported numbers. Conforming to the federal government’s broadening of the corporate tax base actually exposes more Minnesota corporate income to the state’s tax rates. According to nonpartisan legislative staff, the vetoed tax bill was projected to increase...

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Mosaic’s Departure Should Be a Wake-Up Call

Our friend Fritz Corrigan wrote this op-ed in today's Star Tribune about Mosaic Co.--the company Fritz formerly headed as CEO--departing Minnesota for Florida: I am a 40-year veteran of Cargill Inc. and the founding CEO of the Mosaic Co. I brought Mosaic to Minnesota, creating 150 high-paying headquarters jobs here. We could have decided to locate our HQ in Chicago, where we already had a large office, but instead we closed it and moved to Minneapolis. We also considered locating in Tampa, Fla. We knew then that Tampa would be less costly to Mosaic and to its HQ employees but chose...

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Gov. Dayton is wrong, the tax bill is not a giveaway for corporations

When Governor mark Dayton vetoed the tax bill last week, one of the reasons he gave was that “This bill is cake to the rich and big corporations and crumbs to people who need it.” In fact, while the bill contains steps in the right direction, they are only small ones. They are certainly not the handouts to corporate fat cats Gov. Dayton claims they are. ...

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Wisconsin under Scott Walker beat Minnesota by many economic measures

This op-ed appeared May 21, 2018 in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  There’s an old saying where I’m from: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The recent report by the Economic Policy Institute comparing the economic records of Wisconsin and Minnesota since Governors Scott Walker and Mark Dayton took office in January 2011, is a case in point. It was seized upon by people, including a columnist for this news organization, who saw it as vindicating things they already believed. But just as you should never buy a car without checking under the hood, you should never trumpet...

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