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Changing the Conversation: Cost Estimates for Wind Energy Need Additional Context

If we want to compare the cost of different power sources, it is necessary to also consider the value they offer to the grid. If energy sources like wind and solar cost X amount but need other energy sources on standby that cost Y amount, then the true cost is not really X, is it?...

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Two Answers I’d Like on Xcel Energy’s Carbon Report

Xcel Energy made headlines by announcing they would be the first electric utility to derive 100 percent of their electricity from sources that don't emit carbon dioxide by 2050. Earlier this month, the government-approved monopoly utility company released a 28-page report outlining their plan for "Building a Carbon-free Future." After reading the document, I was left with two nagging questions that should have been answered in the report: what would it cost, and how much future warming would it prevent?...

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What Energy Sources Do “Green” Countries Use? Hint – Not Wind or Solar

Green countries around the world rely on two primary sources of electricity to keep CO2 emissions low - but they are not wind and solar. If reducing CO2 emissions is the goal, wouldn’t renewable energy advocates want to adopt power sources that have been proven to do so? ...

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American Experiment Releases Groundbreaking New Study on the High Cost of Renewable Energy Mandates in Minnesota

American Experiment is pleased to announce we are releasing a groundbreaking new study detailing the high cost renewable energy mandates in Minnesota. On the 2018 campaign trail, many DFL candidates, including Governor Tim Walz, said they would make obtaining 50 percent of Minnesota's electricity by 2030 a top priority in their policy platform. Now DFL'ers in Minnesota are pushing their own version of the Green New Deal, mandating that Minnesota must get 100 percent of its electricity from "carbon free" resources by 2050. Our study found that attempting to achieve a 50 percent renewable energy mandate would cost Minnesota $80.2 billion...

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Star Tribune calls out Walz for irresponsible Enbridge pipeline delay

Even the Star Tribune editorial board realizes that further delaying a replacement for the aging and corroded Enbridge pipeline is foolish and irresponsible.  Their sensible Sunday editorial urged Gov. Tim Walz and his Commerce Department to “drop the court challenge and allow the project to proceed.”  Here is the Star Tribune's solid reasoning that should convince Gov. Walz to reconsider his poor decision: Minnesota has a pipeline problem. Specifically, the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline that carries tar sands crude oil from Canada, through this state to its destination in Superior, Wis. Built in 1968, the pipeline is a relic — aging and...

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How Much Would One Day’s Worth of Battery Storage Cost Minnesota Households? $820 per Year, for 20 Years

Last week I was on WCCO's program with Paul and Jordana, and we had a very spirited discussion. I'd highly encourage you to listen to the 12 minute interview if you have time. During the interview, I asked Paul what he planned to do when the wind wasn't blowing or sun wasn't shining, and he emphatically stated that batteries with large posteriors (he used other words, of course), would be up to the challenge of providing electricity when the weather did not cooperate with wind and solar generation, citing examples in Australia and California as evidence for his claim. For the sake...

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