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If Minnesota’s workers were as productive as the US average, we would each be $3,500 better off

Minnesotans would have been $3,500 better off in 2016 if the state's workers were as productive as the national average. Why aren't they? We discuss this in our new report, The State of Minnesota’s Economy: 2017. It is one of the biggest economic challenges facing Minnesota. ...

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Market forces got the Mall of America’s workers Thanksgiving off and O/T on Black Friday

Contrary to much myth, free markets do have mechanisms to raise earnings. When wage rises are decreed by government, some workers lose out to pay for it. But when those higher wages come from market forces and the competition between firms for labor, we can all get better off....

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More Mining Companies Exploring Possibilities in Northern MN

Despite getting the cold shoulder from the Dayton administration and its enviro activist allies, big-time mining companies continue to signal their renewed interest in northern Minnesota's treasure trove of mineral wealth. The latest example involves a promising copper deposit that's been on the back burner near Babbitt for several years. Now the Canadian owner of the possible mine has returned to explore its options again, according to the Duluth News Tribune. Teck officials met with Babbitt city representatives earlier this month to say they were still working in the area where significant deposits of copper and nickel were confirmed about 10 miles...

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Minnesota’s economy grew more slowly than 43 other states in the second quarter of 2017

Minnesota's economy grew more slowly than 43 other states in the second quarter of 2017. Much depends on trends at the national level, but the variations suggest that local factors play a role as well. What are these factors? How might we improve them? That is the subject of our new report, The State of Minnesota’s Economy: 2017....

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The State of Minnesota’s Economy: Performance Continues to be Lackluster

A new report by Center of the American Experiment finds Minnesota's economy continued to be lackluster in 2017 with slightly below average economic growth, lagging productivity and personal income gains driven by a rise in government transfer payments. The State of Minnesota's Economy: 2017 report builds on a benchmark 2016 study showing Minnesota's economic performance over the last 15 years was average, at best, in comparison to other states in job creation, income growth and other key metrics. While Minnesota has historically enjoyed a strong and diverse economy with a high standard of living, the Center's annual analyses of a broad range of economic...

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Eliminating deductions will hit high-tax Minnesota

Politicians passed high state tax rates into law. They told us high taxes are a good thing. They have repeatedly said that tax rates don't affect decisions about location, employment, and investment. If they really believe that, why are they worried about the abolition of the State and Local Tax Deduction? The fuss about SALT shows what these politicians really think. Talking about yanking up tax rates on the rich is one thing. Actually paying them is another. Actions speak louder than words, and in their defense of SALT these people are saying loud and clear "No new tax"...

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Personal Income growth in Minnesota is driven by increases in transfer payments and shows our state’s poor performance on productivity

Minnesotans have a higher level of personal income than Americans generally. But in recent years the main contributor to its increase has been rising transfer payments. And, odd as it may seem, Minnesota's above average levels of per capita Personal Income indicate again our state's below average productivity. ...

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