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Pipeline Proponents Go On Offense

The Enbridge Line 3 replacement oil pipeline project continues to languish in the labyrinth of the State of Minnesota's regulatory maze. So pipeline proponents have formed an advocacy group called Minnesotans for Line 3. The Brainerd Dispatch caught up with the group's founder, Bob Schoneberger, CEO of United Piping, in Baxter, the first of six stops in Northern Minnesota and North Dakota. "We're just people in support of replacing our country's infrastructure," Schoneberger said, describing what Minnesotans for Line 3 stands for. "Specifically, here we're talking Line 3. We just think that's important, especially when you've got aging infrastructure. It needs to...

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Since Governors Dayton and Walker took office, average hourly earnings growth has been higher in Wisconsin than in Minnesota

In its new report, the Economic Policy Institute argues that "Wisconsin’s determined efforts to weaken unions have contributed to the state’s poor wage growth". But data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that while Mark Dayton and Scott Walker have been governors of their respective states, the average hourly earnings of private sector employees has grown (slightly) faster in Wisconsin than in Minnesota. ...

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The EPI does it again, distorting the records of Minnesota and Wisconsin on labor force participation

In its new report, the Economic Policy Institute claims that Minnesota's performance in labor force participation rates since Gov. Dayton took office vindicates Big Government policies. It can only say this by misrepresenting the facts which show that Wisconsin has done better on this measure under Gov. Walker. ...

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The Economic Policy Institute’s report distorts the records on unemployment of Governors Dayton and Walker

Wisconsin's Gov. Walker inherited an unemployment rate of 8.1% in January 2011, and our own Gov. Dayton inherited one of 7.1%. Since then, Wisconsin's unemployment rate has fallen by 5.2 percentage points and Minnesota's has fallen by 3.9. The reduction in the unemployment rate has been faster in Wisconsin under Gov. Walker than it has in Minnesota under Gov. Dayton. But a new report by the Economic Policy Institutes misrepresents these facts....

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New data shows that Minnesota’s economic growth lagged the nation in 2017

Preliminary data for 2017 from the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that, once again, Minnesota's economic growth lagged that of the nation. This continues a trend going back to at least the turn of the century. And it adds up. If Minnesota's economic growth had only matched that of the nation generally since 2000, our state's GDP would have been $5.5 billion higher in 2017, or $982 for every man, woman, and child in the state. ...

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