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Governor Walz should allow Minnesota’s breweries, bars, and restaurants to sell alcohol in any size package for at-home consumption

Many Minnesota breweries, bars, and restaurants are sitting on perishable product that they are not legally allowed to sell under current regulations. This temporary regulatory relief would allow them to sell that product, rather than wasting thousands of dollars....

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What Would a Joe Biden Fracking Ban Look Like? Part Four: Holy $1,325 Heating Bill Increase, Batman!

During the Democrat debate between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice-President Joe Biden on Sunday, March 15, 2020, Vice-President Biden stated that he would allow “no new fracking,” but such a policy would cause the heating bill for the average Minnesota household to increase by about $1,330 every year because fracking is crucial for natural gas production. This article is the fourth installment in this series. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce study, "What if Hydraulic Fracturing Was Banned?," a fracking ban would cause natural gas prices to increase from $1.80 per thousand cubic feet (MCF) today, to $12...

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