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New data shows that Minnesota’s economic growth lagged the nation in 2017

Preliminary data for 2017 from the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that, once again, Minnesota's economic growth lagged that of the nation. This continues a trend going back to at least the turn of the century. And it adds up. If Minnesota's economic growth had only matched that of the nation generally since 2000, our state's GDP would have been $5.5 billion higher in 2017, or $982 for every man, woman, and child in the state. ...

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Bipartisan Effort to Scrap Outdated Environmental Regulation Faces Dayton Veto

After nearly eight years in office, Gov. Dayton still doesn't get it. He's threatening to veto a bill that's sailing through the legislature with bipartisan support to scrap an unenforceable, unpopular, wildly expensive water quality standard on the books since the 1970s for northern northern waters with wild rice. The Mesabi Daily News picked up on Dayton's attempt to pressure lawmakers who are doing the sensible thing in attempting to put the issue to rest once and for all. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is calling for modifications to a wild rice sulfate standard bill that is awaiting its time in conference committee....

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Good News! Interior Department Reinstates Leases for Twin Metals Minnesota Mine Project

The Star Tribune reports the U.S. Department of the Interior reinstated the Twin Metals Minnesota mineral leases from 2004 and its application for new leases. The measures reverse last-minute regulations imposed by the Obama administration after President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election....

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My productive visit to St. Cloud to talk about the refugee resettlement program

Our treatment by Congress and presidents back to George H. W. Bush has been downright shabby. The refugee resettlement program is a federal program; it was supposed to be paid for by federal tax dollars. Instead, the bulk of the funds and hard work come from state and local funds, with the burden on communities like St. Cloud. It sets people up for conflict with refugees rather than success. We must insist that Congress do its job and revisit this program....

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Minnesota’s House tax bill is a step in the right direction, but a small one

The House tax bill, passed last night, is an improvement on the Governor's tax hike. But for all the talk of tax cuts, this is really only proposing to keep the tax burden on Minnesotans at about the current level. Our state is one of the most heavily taxed in the country. Even after the proposed rate cuts, that will still be the case. To improve our state's lackluster economic performance, our policymakers will need to take bolder steps to reduce the tax burden on Minnesotans. ...

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