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Enbridge 3 would have a major economic impact in Minnesota and aggressive thugs should not be allowed to stifle debate

The Enbridge 3 pipeline project could have a major impact on Minnesota's economy. It has to be discussed openly with as wide a participation as possible. Citizens and law enforcement should stand firm against the small group of aggressive thugs who would deny the people of Minnesota their say. ...

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Gov. Dayton is beginning to see the light on mining

Yesterday, Gov. Dayton said something that we at the Center have been arguing for a long time; “I’ve always believed environmental protection and economic growth can be complementary objectives”. Everybody in Northeastern Minnesota is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not just prosperous retirees. They are entitled to pursue the economic opportunities which will enable them to build similarly prosperous lives. ...

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Report concludes Minnesota’s budget is prepared for the next moderate recession, but tax collections are among the most volatile

A new report from Moody’s Analytics stress tested state budgets to assess how prepared states are for the inevitable next recession.  Minnesota is one of sixteen states with enough reserves on hand to weather a moderate recession.  However, the report also shows Minnesota tax collections are among the most volatile, which means the state will need to contend with a larger revenue dip when the next recession hits. On a bipartisan basis, Minnesota lawmakers have built the state’s budget reserves up to $1.6 billion since being depleted during the Great Recession.  The state also maintains a $350 million cash flow account,...

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