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The Star Tribune mischaracterizes Met Council compliance bill advancing in the U.S. House

"Congressional intent is that any MPO who’s structure changes in order to adhere to federal law, will be given a transition period. This amendment does not put in jeopardy any current or future federal investments or grants. In fact, my colleagues and I from Minnesota have been working with DOT to make certain our region gets the federal support we need." Congressman Jason Lewis (MN-02) ...

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Happy Tax Freedom Day Minnesota!

It is finally Tax Freedom Day in Minnesota, eight days after the national day. Every time in those last eight days that you have dragged yourself out of bed, commuted to work, put in a shift, and commuted back home again, that has been the price you have paid for having a state government which taxes us at above the national average. That is the real burden of Big Government. ...

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New report shows that Minnesota’s economic performance has been lackluster and raises doubts about future performance

Americans seem to love ranking their states and when these reflect well on the state Minnesota's media likes to publicize them. But a new ranking showing that our economic performance has been lackluster and our prospects might not be that great, has received rather less coverage. ...

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