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On Business Taxes, Minnesota Is Near the Bottom

I came across this slide from a presentation that was put on in another state. It shows the states' ranks with respect to business tax climate, based on data from the Tax Foundation and Applied Analysis. Click to enlarge: Imagine how much stronger Minnesota's economy would be if we were average with respect to business taxes, rather than bringing up the rear along with New Jersey, New York and California! Is it too much to ask from our legislators that they at least try to bring us up to average?...

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Mining Proponents Cheer For PolyMet

Last night, the final public hearing on PolyMet's permit application was held in Duluth. Local television reporter Jennifer Austin estimated that 800 attended. At the end of the hearing, St. Louis County Commissioner Keith Nelson devoted the last minute of his allotted time to applause for PolyMet. Austin recorded what happened next: St. Louis County Commissioner Keith Nelson cedes last minute of allotted speaking time for #PolyMet supporters to clap. They're met with boos from opponents— Jennifer Austin (@jenniferfaustin) February 9, 2018 Some mining opponents showed up at the hearing, and you can hear some of them booing. But...

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Hundreds of Supporters Back Copper Mining at Public Hearing

Hundreds of Iron Range residents of all ages flooded into the next-to-last public hearing to support the state's first copper nickel mine. They didn't use a teleprompter or focus group-tested talking points. They spoke from the heart and the headline in the Duluth paper spoke for them: "On Range, ironclad support for copper mining." High school students pleaded for state regulators to do the right thing. For Brandi Salmela, a senior at Mesabi East High School, Wednesday night's public meeting on the PolyMet copper mine, proposed about 10 miles from her school, was a chance to talk about the future of her town...

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First MN Copper Mine on the Verge of Approval

Better late than never. That's the takeaway from what should be the final stage of approval for the PolyMet copper mine in northeastern Minnesota. The Duluth News Tribune marks what amounts to a break through moment for the regional and state economy with a public hearing today on the Iron Range. After 13 years, millions of dollars and a winding path through regulatory scrutiny, Minnesota's first-ever copper mine might be on the verge of its last-ever public hearings. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Pollution Control Agency will hold open-house and public input sessions Wednesday in Aurora and Thursday in Duluth...

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After enacting the disastrous $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis, activists now have Saint Paul’s labor market in their sights

Newly elected Saint Paul mayor Melvin Carter is seeking to copy Minneapolis in its job killing $15 minimum wage. But declaring what the wage will be from the comfort of political office is easy. The hard work will fall on the employers and employees affected. ...

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Thousands of Minnesotans Get Bonuses and Pay Hikes Thanks to Tax Cuts [UPDATED]

UPDATE (2/3/18): Minnesota companies big and small continue to pass along the financial benefits of the federal tax cuts. Best Buy just announced the biggest across the board federal tax cut bonus for employees by a Minnesota company yet, certainly one of the biggest in the country. More than 100,000 Best Buy employees will receive a boost, a $1,000 bonus check for full-time staff and $500 for part-timers. The news made local headlines in the Star Tribune and other local media that' have largely overlooked the growing list of Minnesota firms and employees that have already benefited from tax reform. In addition,...

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