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English Language Classes for Cambria Workers Catching on at Other Companies

A program pioneered by the countertop manufacturer Cambria to offer English language classes to help immigrant workers better succeed at work and in society has become a model for both public and private sector employers. The Star Tribune recently profiled a Cambria employee named Baltazar Ruiz whose challenges with English still held him back years after immigrating legally to Minnesota--until he took advantage of the company's language course offered on the job. Cambria had an ambitious goal: make sure all of its 300 foreign-born workers at the 650-worker factory could read and write English at an eighth-grade level or above. The...

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Bill Kills Controversial Licensing Requirement for Independent Makeup and Hair Stylists

There may not be a better example of how occupational licensing requirements too often exist not so much to protect the public but rather the producers and providers already offering the service targeted for licensing. The state cosmetology board has threatened the livelihoods of small business owners who have the audacity to provide hair styling and makeup services for weddings and other special events without first obtaining a state license. In 2018 the board arbitrarily ruled freelance stylists and makeup artists need to have a license, backing up its threat with enforcement action detailed by MPR. The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology, a...

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Efforts to Prevent The Walz Administration’s California Car Mandates Advance in the Senate

Today was a step forward for the efforts of conservative lawmakers to prevent the Walz administration from imposing unpopular California car mandates on Minnesotans. Senate File 3496 passed out of the Minnesota Senate's State Government Finance and Policy and Elections Committee. You can watch the hearing on the bill at the link below. https://www.facebook.com/mnsrc/videos/2275278436108528/?comment_id=2275304272772611&notif_id=1583437629234897&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic   I've previously testified in front of the Senate on this bill, explaining why it would be beneficial for Minnesota consumers. I also detailed that while the costs would be significant, the environmental benefits would be immeasurably small. It is encouraging to see that the Walz administration's attempt to...

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