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American Experiment Responds to Critical Energy Post

Unfortunately, Minnesota has already picked winners and losers in the energy sector. The winners are monopoly utility companies who make a profit on every dollar they spend on infrastructure, and those with financial interests in wind and solar power.  The losers are Minnesota families, businesses, and anyone else who pays an electric bill because the policies used to advocate for more renewable energy have resulted in electricity prices in Minnesota increasing faster than the national average. ...

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State Pollution Agency’s Power Grab on Northern Lakes Slapped Down–Again

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency just got smacked down--again. The rogue agency's audacious attempt to micro-manage 1,300 northern lakes and streams was turned back on appeal. The Duluth News Tribune coverage notes the state's power grab flat-out failed every test for administrative law rule-making by an agency. Minnesota's chief administrative law judge has backed an earlier ruling and decided against the Pollution Control Agency on the proposed new rule for sulfate pollution limits for lakes and rivers that hold wild rice. The PCA in late March appealed the January decision by Judge LauraSue Schlatter, who said the PCA's proposed new sulfate rule failed to...

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Some Timely Common Sense and Perspective from Brian Wesbury on U.S. Trade

I've always found Brian Wesbury of First Trust to be insightful and a particularly good communicator of sometimes difficult to understand economic issues.  Here's his new Thoughts on Trade.  You can sign up for his free economic commentaries and Wesbury 101 Video presentations here. When the report on international trade came out earlier this month, protectionists were up in arms. Through February, the US' merchandise (goods only, not services) trade deficit with the rest of the world was the largest for any two-month period on record. "Economic nationalists" from both sides of the political aisle, think this situation is unsustainable. Meanwhile, some...

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Minnesota ranks 11th nationally for increases in occupational licensing requirements

Occupational licensing requirements are presented as 'consumer protection' but really only protect producers, making us all worse off. Minnesota has, traditionally, had an accommodating environment but between 2012 and 2017, the rate of growth of the breadth and burden of Minnesota's occupational licensing requirements was the 11th highest in the country and nearly double the national rate of 4%. ...

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What should lawmakers consider when rewriting tax policy? Five experts give their perspectives

As the Minnesota Legislature prepares to debate the best way to align the state's tax code with recent federal changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Pioneer Press asked five experts, including the Center's economist John Phelan, what they hoped lawmakers would prioritize....

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