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Minnesota’s reinsurance program helps calm health care rates

Premiums have stabilized in the individual market, thanks to a $542 million subsidy, but legislators still have more work to do. This op-ed originally appeared in the Star Tribune on August 4, 2017 This week, Minnesotans subject to three years of spiking health insurance premiums on the individual market got their first bit of good news. Rates won’t be spiking again in 2018, according to preliminary health insurance rate information released by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Proposed average changes range from a 14.5 percent reduction to an 11.4 percent increase across the four major health plans. Every plan projects that at least...

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Opposition to logging and mining undermine northern Minnesota’s economy and global environment

Rep. Tom Emmer is stepping up efforts to stop an 11th hour action by the Obama administration to severely curtail mining in northern Minnesota.  He outlined what’s at stake for Minnesota’s economy in an op-ed in yesterday’s Star Tribune. Coincidently, the newspaper ran a separate story reporting on opposition to a proposed timber harvest proposed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the same northern Minnesota neighborhood where the Obama administration set out to stop mining. Both issues pit those who would prefer leaving Minnesota’s north woods untouched—and, by the way, unmanaged—against those who believe extracting those natural resources can strengthen...

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Why Wasn’t Minnesota In the Running for Foxconn’s Project?

In recent years, Wisconsin's job growth has rapidly outpaced Minnesota's. And that was before the announcement of one of the biggest development projects in years, Foxconn's first-ever expansion into the United States. The Foxconn project will be huge: The proposed manufacturing campus is expected to occupy some 20 million square feet -- larger than the Pentagon, and equivalent (as Governor Walker noted during the announcement) to 11 Lambeau Fields in area. This will be the first factory of its kind in the United States, and the only one not presently located in Asia (the others are located in China, Japan, South...

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