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IAEA Discusses The Potential Of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

Several member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) met in Pitesti, Romania in late June to discuss the future of green energy and ways to achieve CO2 emission reductions. Their discussion – which included 46 participants from 14 member states – focused primarily on small modular reactors (SMRs). SMRs are nuclear power generators, only far smaller in comparison to traditional nuclear facilities found throughout the world as they generally have a maximum output of 300 megawatts (for comparison, the Monticello nuclear facility in Minnesota is 671 megawatts). The below article was originally published by IAEA on July 8 and details...

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Every Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Built Today Will Be Scrap Metal by 2050

Wind turbines and solar panels only last for 20 and 30 years, respectively, meaning every wind turbine and solar panel built today will be scrap metal by 2050. How can anyone who claims climate change is an "existential crisis" seriously advocate for building tomorrow's scrap metal, today?...

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On This Day: The 25 Year Battle Between North Dakota and Minnesota Over Energy Regulations

Earlier this year, American Experiment reported that North Dakota has an enormous war chest of $5 million on stand-by ready to sue Minnesota over regulations passed in our state regulating CO2 emissions. North Dakota has argued in the past and will continue to make the case that any policy passed in Minnesota regulating emissions coming from electricity generation will directly impact North Dakota utilities, as well, in violation of the Commerce Clause in the Constitution. As mentioned in the article above, Minnesota lost a recent court case in 2014 regarding provisions within the state’s Next Generation Energy Act (NGEA). These provisions would...

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