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The NFL would find it easier to tell politicians to mind their own business if they weren’t taking cash from them

When President Trump says NFL teams should fire kneeling players, the teams respond by saying that they are private enterprises. But if they want to be treated like private enterprises they should act like them. A first step would be to stop asking taxpayers for handouts. ...

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Time for Minnesota to update 1970s-era pipeline permitting process

A series of public hearings started yesterday on whether there is a “need” to replace the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline that carries crude oil from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin.  The first hearing took place in Thief River Falls and, according to TRF Radio,  supporting testimony “far outweighed those against.” To gain approval, oil pipelines have been required to acquire a certificate of need at least as far back as 1974.  State law requires oil pipelines to follow essentially the same procedure to demonstrate need as electric power generating plants and high voltage powerlines. Considering how these laws date back to an...

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Minnesota’s second quarter personal income growth figures show lackluster performance

New figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis show that, in the second quarter of 2017, Minnesota performed poorly on wages, well on dividends, slightly worse than average on transfer payments. We reported last year that Minnesota's recent economic performance had been 'mediocre'. As we find in our forthcoming update to that report and as these figures show, that still seems to be the case. ...

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