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Teachers’ unions push for SRO removal from schools despite educators’ support of officers

The leaders of Minnesota's teachers' union, Education Minnesota, are standing with groups who want to make schools less safe by defunding the police and taking away School Resource Officers (SROs). But recent polling shows a large majority of educators oppose the removal of officers from schools....

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Teachers’ union message to its conservative members: Your views don’t matter

It’s no secret the teachers’ union is a political organization using teachers’ dues to fund a decidedly leftist agenda. But the union’s political priorities are not reflective of all its member base, despite the union’s emphasis on being about “the little guy.” In essence, the teachers’ union has made it clear that the voices of its members who disagree with the union’s political preferences—or political involvement altogether—don’t matter....

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Teachers’ unions and the Democratic Socialists of America make school re-opening ‘demands’

Teachers' unions across the country (including the St. Paul Federation of Educators), the Democratic Socialists of America and other left-leaning organizations endorsed and coordinated demonstrations yesterday (August 3) as part of a "National Day of Resistance" over school re-openings....

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Private schools gain edge with re-opened classrooms this fall

It's hard for nervous parents who are unable to count on public schools fully opening this fall to miss the headlines popping up all over. Here's a few recent examples. "Duluth private schools will have in-person learning"--Duluth News Tribune "Private schools prepare to reopen"--Mankato Free Press "Rochester Catholic schools to hold in-person classes"--Rochester Post Bulletin While public schools largely remain on the fence over whether to even partially reopen and the Education Minnesota teachers union fights them all the way, private schools have risen to the occasion. Parents in Duluth have known for weeks in some cases that their child's private school plans to...

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