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Schools Stunned by MN High School League’s Huge COVID-19 Fee Increase

The Minnesota State High School League has reversed course, finally falling into line with neighboring states by reinstating the fall seasons for football and volleyball. Now if schools could only convince the MSHSL to overturn an unprecedented rate increase the league directly attributes to COVID-19 that will raise rates by 300 percent at some schools in the midst of the pandemic. The non-profit league's timing couldn't be worse with schools forced to figure out whether to make cuts to raise the funds or stick it to parents, according to the St. Cloud Times. Area schools are searching for the money to pay...

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Joe Biden and teachers’ union share same feelings on charter schools

In an unlisted YouTube video discovered by Choice Media, Lily Eskelsen Garcia (former president of the national teachers' union) tells Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that charter schools are "very misguided school reforms." She then continues by saying, "You know how we feel about charter schools." To which Biden quickly interjects, "Same way I feel." ...

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Teacher Truths: You will not lose seniority or tenure if you resign from the union

The union fought to be the exclusive representative over the workers it organizes, regardless of their membership status, and has a monopoly over negotiating the contract with the employer. Therefore, the contract's provisions, which include salary schedules, seniority, tenure terms, etc., cover all employees....

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School Closures’ Long-Term Impact on U.S. Economy at More Than $14 Trillion

Research has shown that continued school closures will have long-term detrimental educational consequences that decrease academic readiness, exacerbate academic disparities, and impact socio-emotional and motivational development. School closures will also negatively impact the economy for the rest of the 21st century, according to new research by the international Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development....

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