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MDE Guidance on Student Transportation is ‘Confusing’ and Leading to Services Being Denied

Under Minnesota law, public school districts are required to provide transportation within the district for students attending nonpublic schools. But recent guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education on a district's responsibility to provide equal transportation services for nonpublic school students is confusing and has resulted in school districts denying this service to nonpublic students....

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Private schools gain edge with re-opened classrooms this fall

It's hard for nervous parents who are unable to count on public schools fully opening this fall to miss the headlines popping up all over. Here's a few recent examples. "Duluth private schools will have in-person learning"--Duluth News Tribune "Private schools prepare to reopen"--Mankato Free Press "Rochester Catholic schools to hold in-person classes"--Rochester Post Bulletin While public schools largely remain on the fence over whether to even partially reopen and the Education Minnesota teachers union fights them all the way, private schools have risen to the occasion. Parents in Duluth have known for weeks in some cases that their child's private school plans to...

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Study finds disparities in demand for online learning resources between low and high income areas, which will widen achievement gaps

When schools closed, the demand for online school resources increased. A new study has however found that most of the increase in demand for online learning resources occurred in areas with high income and better internet access. Areas with more rural schools and black students saw lower increases in demand for online learning resources. This points to a huge disparity in access to online learning resources which will widen student achievement gaps. ...

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MPS School Board votes down distance learning resolution, wants to wait for state guidance

The Minneapolis Board of Education voted against a resolution that called for starting the school year with distance learning, citing a "need for the governor to weigh in." Gov. Walz and the Minnesota Department of Education are expected to announce their statewide guidance for the 2020 school year tomorrow. Through its Open MN Schools campaign, the Center sent state leaders a petition signed by thousands of Minnesotans imploring them to give students the option to learn in their classrooms this fall....

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Alternative learning options for this fall should be more accessible

The uncertainty around what school will look like this fall has sent parents scrambling and looking to innovative alternatives to meet the needs of their students and enhance their learning opportunities—from pandemic pods to micro-schools to homeschool co-ops. If schools don't reopen or can't provide a learning environment that meets students' needs, parents should be given the opportunity to pursue a learning model that works for their student....

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