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American Experiment speaks up for education choice

Center of the American Experiment, along with 18 other state think tanks and nearly 50 school choice and scholarship groups, recently called on Congress to provide dedicated funding and tax policy changes to prevent massive non-public school closures during the coronavirus pandemic. These closures would not only impact all students—in both public and private schools—but would financially devastate public school districts....

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Education Savings Accounts: A targeted solution during the coronavirus crisis

Minnesota’s once forecasted surplus has turned into a multi-billion dollar deficit, and state leaders have been left to figure out what to do in order to balance the budget. Schools are expected to face budget challenges as well, especially given many were already in the red before the coronavirus pandemic hit. But there is a possible solution to help school districts save thousands of dollars during a time of upcoming budget problems without asking for spending increases that the state can’t afford: K-12 emergency/temporary Education Savings Accounts....

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Harvard Law School Cancels Anti-Homeschooling Summit

I previously wrote about Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet's attack on homeschooling, which was filled with assumptions and mischaracterizations of parents who teach their children at home. But it wasn't just the article that was unsettling. There were plans to host an invite-only summit in June at Harvard Law School, focused on anti-homeschooling sentiments, whose co-organizer and one of its featured speakers included none other than Elizabeth Bartholet. These plans have reportedly been postponed until June 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic....

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Parents concerned their child won’t be prepared for next school year, education advocates favor extending it

According to a national survey by the University of Southern California, there is still concern among some parents that their child won’t be prepared for the next school year. When asked how schools should come back from lost classroom instruction, teachers would prefer to begin the next school year with the next grade’s instruction, administrators favored picking up next year where classroom instruction was interrupted this year, and education advocates and policymakers favored extending the next school year. ...

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