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Law Firm at Center of Discredited Trump Dossier Hired by U of M

The University of Minnesota has hired the law firm at the center of the controversy over the discredited Trump dossier. Perkins Coie, a Seattle-based law firm, will be overseeing a university investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by a former Gophers assistant men's hockey coach from the mid-eighties, according to the Star Tribune. Perkins Coie and the firm's superstar partner Marc Elias billed the Clinton campaign and Democratic party for millions of dollars of fees during the 2016 campaign. (Elias represented Al Franken's 2008 senate campaign in the successful recount against Sen. Norm Coleman). But Perkins Coie's role in the evolution of...

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St. Olaf College states student teachers “must” join union’s pre-professional organization

Students at St. Olaf College are being told they “MUST join EMAE” [Education Minnesota Aspiring Educators] if they are licensure candidates completing field experiences or student teaching with the Education Department. This appears to be in violation of student teachers' First Amendment rights upheld in the Janus decision....

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Constitutional amendment on schools won’t help, will hurt

This article was originally published by the Star Tribune. Minnesota schools, like schools across the nation, have been striving for decades to shrink the stubborn racial learning gap. The frustration caused by repeated failure accounts, in large part, for the support behind the latest proposal: the Page-­Kashkari constitutional amendment that would make a “quality” education a “fundamental right.” Unfortunately, the amendment is virtually certain not to produce the desired academic improvements. Instead, its adoption would likely lead to a loss of democratic control over education, coupled with mind-boggling financial outlays and continued low performance. The amendment’s noble-sounding, aspirational language is appealing at first glance. It...

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