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Personalized Learning: Why this rising trend in education is concerning

The explosion of personalized learning in k-12 education has resulted in more than 90 percent of schools using digital tools to individualize classroom instruction. But research showing personalized learning is an effective approach for improving student learning is incomplete at best. Photo Source: Frederick Florin / Getty...

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Proposed licensing changes would require all new educators to receive ‘equity’ training

The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) announced the proposed teacher licensing changes will “set forth the knowledge and skills that all teachers must demonstrate to receive their license" and include a "sharpened focus on educational equity." But equity does not mean treating all kids equally, and if these rule changes pass, teachers will be trained to favor some students at the expense of others. ...

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Duluth School Board Under Fire Over Closed Door Meetings

For some reason, the agenda for the Duluth School Board's public meetings gets discussed and set in private behind closed doors. Not only are members of the public excluded from attending meetings to set the agenda. So are all but two of the school board members who represent the public. But perhaps not for much longer, thanks to questions raised in the news coverage and now the editorial page of the Duluth News Tribune. Yes, of course there’s suspicion — or the “implication” — “that there is something that is going on in School Board agenda meetings that’s secret or excludes people,”...

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