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Teachers, job protection is available outside of union membership

I recently heard from a teacher that the only reason she belongs to her union is for protection. But union membership is not the only option for liability coverage and other protections. There are alternative organizations made just for educators that provide quality liability insurance and employment rights coverage for a much lower cost than union dues....

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The Underappreciated Possibilities of Private School Options

When I think about influential education reformers over the last half-century – especially scholars and practitioners who have been creatively consequential over the entire period – Ted Kolderie is a lead member of a quite exclusive national class.  When it comes to Minnesota, I can’t of anyone who matches his contribution. Among other careers and assignments, he has served as executive director of the Citizens League; a reporter and editorial writer for the old Minneapolis Star and Tribune; a senior fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs; a principal of the Center for Policy Design, a founder of EducationEvolving; and...

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