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In their own words – social studies standards committee not hiding their push for “equity”

Gov. Tim Walz appointed a committee of 45 people to rewrite the social studies standards for Minnesota’s K-12 schools. We wrote extensively about their first draft and how it left out key historical facts and subjects such as the study of communism, World Wars, and even the Holocaust. We also wrote about the makeup of the committee, stacked with disproportionate representation from Native American groups and liberal organizations dedicated to advancing today’s version of political correctness known as “equity.” Today we released an audio compilation of committee members from a recent meeting discussing the social studies standards draft and their efforts to add...

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National School Choice Week: Celebrating the importance of opportunity in education

Center of the American Experiment is proud to join hundreds of schools, organizations, families, and school leaders in celebrating all Minnesota students through National School Choice Week. It's important to highlight the education options available in our state but also to recognize that more work still needs to be done to ensure every child in every family and every community has an equal opportunity to succeed. ...

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Hundreds Report Problems Over Gov. Walz’s Mask Mandate for Youth Sports

Youth sports participants were allowed to return to practice last week under Gov. Walz's latest executive order allowing practices and games. But the results of an online survey of parents and participants by the group Let Them Play MN showed hundreds of participants experienced problem due to protective masks....

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