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Florida adds another school choice program, Minnesota fails to pass tax-credit scholarships

As I write this, I am lounging on a beach chair in Palm Coast, Florida enjoying 87-degree weather that feels cooler thanks to a breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean. The school year here has ended, and the local newspaper headlines have been focused on the state’s expansion of school choice through its fifth voucher program. Minnesota had the opportunity this most recent legislative session to help more students access quality school options through its own tax credit scholarship program, but the Legislature failed to approve the Equity and Opportunity Scholarship Act....

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Voluntary Pre-K held at 2017 level, but does not target neediest children

Minnesota is spending enormous sums of money on education programs for very young children, but the state’s mission is muddled and the results discouraging. Plus, the policy forces private child care providers to compete with “free” child care, threatening to create a government monopoly on child care. The good news is that the Senate held the line, with no increase in spending, and Gov. Walz, is showing some independence from the teachers’ union. ...

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Postsecondary education: And who — who — will take the road less traveled by?

Four years prostrate to the higher mind isn't right for everyone. Nod if you can hear me. Vigorously if you truly agree. This Sunday Cover op-ed originally ran in the Star Tribune on June 2, 2019. I have spent most of my professional life expressing ideas that cause people to shake their heads horizontally in disagreement rather than nodding vertically in approval. But I’ve seen abundant nodding in the last few years when talking about how large numbers of young Americans who are not terribly interested in attending a four-year college enroll in one anyway — pressured by parents, peers, teachers, school...

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Local charity ‘Start Reading Now’ aims to develop a love of reading in kids

[caption id="attachment_15043" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] This was Hmong International Academy's 6th book fair. These 1st graders were great! The girl on the lower left with her backpack pulled up was sooooo excited while we gave the presentation she could hardly control herself. It was awesome![/caption] Here at Center of the American Experiment, we advocate for free-market solutions. When free enterprise hasn’t developed a remedy to a tough problem facing society, government programs are too frequently pushed as the answer. We argue private charity should play a larger role, and would often do a better job helping those who need it. One perennial problem...

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