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Schools Still Push Parents to Pass Dozens of Referenda Despite Covid Downturn

It takes a catastrophe like the Great Recession and Gov. Tim Walz's statewide shutdown and continuing restrictions to force most local governments to even consider holding the line on property taxes. Now many have done just that as even big government enclaves like St. Paul and Duluth recognize the devastating impact on their constituents' pocketbooks and employment prospects. But leave it to K-12 educators to plow ahead anyway with multi-million dollar capital project levies, bond referenda and operating levy questions on November 3. All this in the midst of a pandemic that's forced parents to bear much of the teaching load...

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Literacy gains more likely when students learn more social studies

More elementary class time is devoted to English language arts (ELA) instruction than any other subject. But that extra time doesn't appear to be working, as two-thirds of American fourth and eighth graders can't read proficiently. What is associated with improved reading ability? Increased instructional time in social studies. ...

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Prominent Black leaders release curriculum to counter 1619 Project

1776 Unites, a project led by prominent writers, thinkers, historians, and academics, has released its first installment of a curriculum that uses "authentic, inspiring stories from American history" to "celebrate black excellence, reject victimhood culture, and showcase African-Americans who have prospered by embracing America's founding ideals." ...

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