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Governments seeking additional K-12 education aid should fund students over institutions

Center of the American Experiment signed onto a letter started by yes. every kid. calling for supporting a more student-centered and resilient education system—one that funds students and families instead of institutions. As governments are likely to continue seeking additional assistance, we believe this aid to assist K-12 and protect students and educators should be sent to families, giving them direct financial support to create stable and continuous learning for their children. ...

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In-person learning is an essential business, but if schools are going to remain closed, parents shouldn’t be forced to pay for them

The start of the 2020 school year is just around the corner. There is a compelling case for reopening schools—not only to prevent academic disparities from widening, but also to reduce economic and health disparities. But if schools are going to remain closed, parents shouldn't be forced to pay for them or for an inadequate online education. ...

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MN professors tell white parents to keep kids in public schools to show they aren’t racist

Abby Rombalski (University of Minnesota) and Anita Chikkatur (Carleton College) opined in MinnPost that white parents should "keep your children enrolled in their current or local public school" to show "anti-racism." Reality check: There is a reason parents are looking elsewhere, and instead of undermining that choice and guilt-tripping families into supporting a malfunctioning status quo, we should use this opportunity to reform and disrupt an inequitable education system. ...

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Virtual Fire Drill

America's children have been through the wringer during the Coronavirus pandemic. From being tossed out of school and adjusting to distance learning, to having all of their summer plans canceled, some had optimism that the fall semester would look different, and are now met with disappointment. Despite the negative, both children and parents make light of the situation. One parent posted a video on Twitter, showing his son having a "virtual fire drill" on his iPad while he sat safely at home. A public high school in Indiana is doing a "virtual fire drill" today.pic.twitter.com/XoaLx3OTrT — Corey A. DeAngelis (@DeAngelisCorey) August 19,...

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MDE Guidance on Student Transportation is ‘Confusing’ and Leading to Services Being Denied

Under Minnesota law, public school districts are required to provide transportation within the district for students attending nonpublic schools. But recent guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education on a district's responsibility to provide equal transportation services for nonpublic school students is confusing and has resulted in school districts denying this service to nonpublic students....

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