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Even if in-person instruction resumes in January, the average student will still have lost seven months of learning

Many of Minnesota's students are now logging in at home for school, with little chance of them returning to in-person instruction until at least January 2021. But even if schools do resume in-person instruction in January (which may or may not actually happen), the average U.S. student will still have lost seven months of learning. Black students will have lost 10 months of learning, and low-income students more than an entire year. ...

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Without sports, will more students disengage from school?

Surveys, research, and student grades show that remote learning has had many shortcomings, including thousands of students disengaging all together from school. With many school districts planning to remain in distance learning at least until January 2021, and now with in-person youth sports activities paused at least through December 18, there is concern that more students will disengage from school and drop out....

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Policymakers can help teachers focus on reading

According to experts and a growing body of research, a scientifically-based literacy program is the most effective way to improve literacy and reduce the achievement gap. But teachers are often told their primary job is to meet the social and emotional needs of their students, or have strong classroom management, or unpack their implicit bias, and they aren't given permission to focus on reading. Policymakers can help change this. ...

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