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True Teacher Appreciation: Respect for educators’ voice and choice

Teacher Appreciation Week officially kicked off today, May 6 and will run through May 10. In order to better support teachers, unions need to listen to their voices and restore respect for their choices. The freedom to say "no" to a union is just as important as the freedom to say "yes" to one. ...

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Comparatively Speaking, How Much K-12 Spending Goes to Teacher Salaries?

My friend Mike Petrilli, president of the Fordham Institute in Washington, posed three intriguing questions the other day. “Even when calculated in constant dollars, and even after the Great Recession, the U.S. is spending dramatically more money per pupil than in decades past, yet teacher salaries have barely kept pace with inflation: Where is the money going, if not into salaries?” “How much could we pay teachers if we prioritized higher salaries instead?” And which states “have chosen to put the additional dollars into higher salaries instead of other options, such as smaller classes, employee healthcare and retiree benefits, or...

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Poll: 1 in 3 teachers want to negotiate salary & benefits for themselves

More than one-third of teachers would prefer to negotiate salary and benefits for themselves, according to a national survey by the Teacher Freedom project. The survey asked 2,000 teachers in the 22 states most impacted by Janus v. AFSCME, including Minnesota, for their thoughts on contract negotiations and benefits, unions, and union dues....

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Where is Edina Schools’ 2017-18 Annual Report, and why can’t we see it?

On April 26, I described the striking decline in accountability and transparency in the Edina Public Schools (EPS) over the last 15 years. I highlighted differences between EPS Annual Reports for 2003-04 and 2016-17. Strangely, EPS’s Annual Report for 2017-18 is not available on the EPS website, though all other reports since 2003-04 are, at the time of this writing....

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Accountability in the Edina Public Schools Then and Now—A World of Difference

Here’s a striking visual that captures the decline in accountability and transparency in the Edina Public Schools (EPS) in recent years. It’s an opportunity to compare—back-to-back—the EPS Annual Reports for 2003-04 and 2016-17. (The report for 2017-18 is not on the EPS website, for some reason.)...

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New evidence that academic rigor still takes a back seat to a social mission in Edina Public Schools

There is new evidence that Edina Public School leaders remain committed to using the schools to go beyond teaching reading and math in order to focus on molding students’ thoughts and beliefs on social issues. The evidence comes from a presentation that Jackie Roehl and Elizabeth Hillstrom—English teachers at Edina High School—made on April 15, 2019, at a meeting sponsored by Reimagine Minnesota, an “equity”-focused initiative of the Association of Metropolitan School Districts....

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