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$1,300 To Take A Class in Eco-Feminism? No Wonder Gen Z Is Opting for Trade School Instead of College

Apparently, the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth has an online “ecofeminism” course in which students can learn about topics like “the oppression of nature.” The course costs nearly $1,300 for three course credits, but it is unclear how this course will equip students who take it with the real-world skills needed to compete in an increasingly global and specialized economy. It is no wonder Generation Z is skipping college in droves. Liberal Arts universities are becoming increasingly divorced from the things that made them useful in the first place. For most young people, education is not an end in and of itself. The point...

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‘What Percent Are You?’: 1/3 of Teachers’ Union Employees are in Top 5% Income Bracket or Higher

Education Minnesota President Denise Specht’s gross salary of $192,481 placed her in the top two percent of Americans earning money. Around 1/3 of the union’s employees placed in the fifth percentile income bracket or higher. And 99 out of the 159 employees earned personal incomes higher than the average annual wages for secondary school teachers in Minnesota ($65,290)....

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U of M Presidential Searches and Watergate

Watergate concluded in 1974 with Richard Nixon’s resignation.  A year later, in 1975, a scholar by the name of Warren Bennis wrote a Watergate-inspired essay with the fun name, “Meet Me in Macy’s Window.” Forty-four years later, which is to say last month, the essay’s pertinence to the University of Minnesota’s recently completed presidential search is perfect. Bennis, who died in 2014 at age 89, was a great organizational theorist; one of the few whose theories I’ve ever been able to retain for more than ten minutes at a time.  Meaning, he wrote exceptionally well, often with humor.  He also was a...

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