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Duluth Students Petition to Get Police Out of Schools

Sure it may be way out there to demand the immediate removal of the police officers assigned to Duluth schools for more than twenty years. But the students behind the movement to eliminate the district's school resource officers want the Duluth School Board to know they're in good company. After all,  the letter circulating with the online petition points out they're in lock step with two of the most liberal school districts in the nation. Our peers in Minneapolis did it. Our peers in Portland, Oregon did it. Now, it’s our turn. We want School Resource Officers (SROs) out of our schools....

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Years of test-score data suggest charter schools don’t harm traditional public schools

School choice opponents argue that school choice, such as charter schools, harm traditional public schools. Any gains made by students in charter schools, they say, comes at the expense of students left behind. But according to Marcus Winters with the Manhattan Institute, years of test-score data suggest they don't....

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MN Legislature is missing an opportunity to support kids

With the Minnesota Legislature’s special session set to adjourn tomorrow, Friday, efforts to make meaningful progress on reform proposals continue. But one proposal—Equity and Opportunity Scholarships—aimed at addressing and eliminating education inequities that plague our state has unfortunately, it appears, been tabled. Policymakers have an opportunity to address these disparities and shake up the status quo instead of simply rushing to restore it. These scholarships are a good starting point. ...

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Student Performance is Slipping, but Minnesotans Still Love Their Schools.

About the pollster: Rob Autry, founder of Meeting Street Research, is one of the nation’s leading pollsters and research strategists. Minnesotans love their system of public education, despite persuasive evidence that schools are consistently underperforming their reputation. The survey was conducted by pollster Rob Autry, president and founder of Meeting Street Research based in Charleston, South Carolina. His company completed 500 phone interviews, with a mix of cell phones (40 percent) and landline phones (60 percent), on March 5 and 7, 2020. The margin of error is ±4.38 percent. Meeting Street executed its study alongside a troubling report by American Experiment Policy...

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American Experiment speaks up for education choice

Center of the American Experiment, along with 18 other state think tanks and nearly 50 school choice and scholarship groups, recently called on Congress to provide dedicated funding and tax policy changes to prevent massive non-public school closures during the coronavirus pandemic. These closures would not only impact all students—in both public and private schools—but would financially devastate public school districts....

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