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Florida’s Occupational Freedom and Opportunity Act will reduce or eliminate licensing requirements for multiple professions

In a positive turn of events, the state of Florida has passed a law that makes it easier for some professions to do their jobs. The law, which is called the occupational Freedom and Opportunity Act, effectively reduces or eliminates licensing requirements for multiple professions. This is one of the biggest licensing reforms ever undertaken by any state and it will go a long way in reducing unemployment and increasing entrepreneurship in the state....

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On this 2-Year Janus Anniversary: American Experiment continues to fight for workplace freedom

Two years ago on June 27, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus v. AFSCME freed millions of public employees from being forced to subsidize government unions’ political agendas in order to keep their job. Since then, Center of the American Experiment has been helping Minnesotans fight for their newly restored right to say no to financially supporting government unions through our workplace freedom projects—Employee Freedom MN and Educated Teachers MN—and by connecting public employees with legal resources through the Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC)....

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Research suggests temporary ban of foreign workers might hurt the economy more than it will help

Compared to the extra benefits that immigrants contribute to the economy, restricting their entrance could prove more negative to the United States economy. Economic research suggests restricting immigrants will hurt employment and reduce demand. This might in turn hinder recovery of the economy. ...

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Closing the skills gap is a more effective way to increase people’s income than raising the minimum wage

The job sector is facing two issues: (1) employers cannot find qualified individuals to fill positions in their companies (2) individuals do not qualify for high paying high skilled jobs. The solution to both of these is to not force companies to pay unskilled workers much more than they are worth. Instead efforts should be used to close skills gap and make sure job seekers have opportunities to acquire technical skills that are more valuable in the workplace....

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Public sector unions have pattern of committing forgery against their own members

Government unions aren’t happy their grip on public employees’ paychecks has been loosened. So, they hide behind bureaucratic minutiae to prevent dissatisfied members from leaving and have even resorted to the criminal activity of forgery to illegally continue collecting dues. This is wrong. ...

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