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MN Caregivers Want Fake Union Dues Back

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The campaign by personal care attendants who oppose union representation continues to gather momentum. The goal is to collect enough signatures to force the State of Minnesota to allow a vote to disband the SEIU Healthcare Minnesota union that collects union dues from Medicaid subsidies to PCAs who often care for family members with special needs. The Daily Signal is the latest national media outlet to call attention to what's been called the biggest public employee union decertification campaign ever undertaken. When the union representative came to her door last month, Mary Barton invited the cheerful young woman in because she seemed friendly,...

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Update on Personal Care Attendants’ Union Decertification Drive

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  PRESS AVAILABILITY Saturday, March 4, 2017 from 2 to 4 pm Emerald Room at the Embassy Suites by Hilton St. Paul Downtown On Saturday, March 4, 2017, MNPCA, Center of the American Experiment and Center for Worker Freedom are co-hosting a press availability to introduce Minnesota home-based personal care attendants to local and national media, as well as state legislators. The event will take place from 2 to 4pm in the Emerald Room at the Embassy Suites by Hilton, St. Paul Downtown. The hotel is located at 175 East 10th Street Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101. Kris Greene and other Minnesota personal care attendants will talk about...

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How a Medicaid program for people who are disabled is funding politics


This is a classic tale of good and evil, and the little guy getting pushed around by the big guy. In the 1970s, our country moved away from institutionalizing disabled people, in favor of keeping them at home, with their family, whenever possible. Today some disabled people get certain benefits from Medicaid. They can use their Medicaid grant to hire personal care attendants (PCAs) to help them with daily living. Not only does this offer a superior care model, it is less expensive for taxpayers. Under a program known as “PCA Choice” disabled adults are able to hire a PCA, often a...

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Should David Roe, Minnesota labor leader, be lionized?


According to the Strib, Roe “helped engineer the DFL gains that resulted in 1972 in full DFL control of the Legislature and the governor’s office for the first time in state history. He was ready with an agenda that soon became law….” Can we treat this as darn good evidence that, as soon as the public sector was captured by unions, that labor leaders like David Roe quickly gained the upper hand over voters and elected officials in setting the agenda for Minnesota? ...

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MN Grandmother Takes on SEIU


You could call it the story of Patricia and Goliath. The elderly rural Minnesota personal care assistant who stood up to the powerful public employee union--and won. Johansen accused Service Employees International Union Healthcare Minnesota of deducting union dues without her permission from the small Medicaid payments she receives for caring for her granddaughter with special needs. The 75 year old grandmother insisted someone evidently forged her signature on a union card and demanded her money back. I wrote about Patricia Johansen's courage a year ago. Now Patricia's story has gone national in a Wall Street Journal piece headlined "These Minnesota Workers Want...

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Secretary Betsy DeVos: The First Cabinet Pick Ever Saved by the Vice President


We saw DeVos graciously take hits from people like Sen. Al Franken during her confirmation. Now that the confirmation muzzle is off, I would like to see DeVos land some blows of her own. If she is not aggressively making the case for educational choice, and calling out the government unions that enforce the status quo, they could succeed in making her the issue instead of advancing new policies. ...

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Kim Crockett on the Betsy DeVos Nomination as Secretary of Education


Just in time to celebrate National School Week, Kim Crockett had a great conversation on KTLK’s “Justice and Drew” show about the Education Secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos, last week. You can listen to that conversation here. Here’s Kim: “Government union leaders are apoplectic over the DeVos nomination because DeVos has been defeating them at the local level for years. (Can we pause, just to enjoy that thought?) DeVos speaks up for teachers who see themselves as educators and professionals, not trade unionists.” And join us this Thursday! A COMMUNITY BREAKFAST IN CELEBRATION OF NATIONAL SCHOOL CHOICE WEEK (Click to register) Location: DeLaSalle High School, One...

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U.S. Senator recalls Minnesota’s historical contribution to School Choice at Betsy Devos Hearings


School Choice Advocate Betsy DeVos was in the U.S. Senate last week for hearings on her nomination to be the new Secretary of Education. Senator Lamar Alexander, the former Secretary of Education under George H.W. Bush, made the case at the top of the hearing for the fact that school choice, and charter schools in particular, have support across a broad political spectrum and noted further that charter schools were started in Minnesota by a DFL governor by the name of Rudy Perpich. That was back in 1991. It is fair to ask, what has Minnesota done for students and teachers...

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The State of Government Union Leaders? Overreaching and Overpaid.


  After the 2016 election, on which the SEIU spent lavish sums on very partisan, far-left candidates and issue-advocacy, Mary Kay Henry, the national president of the SEIU, put her $300 million national operation on notice. According to a memo that Bloomberg got a copy of, the SEIU will immediately cut 10 percent of its budget, and plan for a 30% reduction by the start of 2018. Henry said the union must prepare for the 2018 midterm elections in addition to the 2020 cycle, arguing that it must “focus our resources and energy on the fights that position us to retake power...

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The SEIU Hopes to Plunder the Families of Disabled People


    Minnesota homecare workers mount historic fight against the union Summary: In an effort to help their political supporters in the unions, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and the state’s legislature classified Minnesota’s home care providers as government employees for purposes of collective bargaining. Following a highly questionable vote, these home care providers were unionized. SEIU Healthcare, part of a national union closely tied to President Obama, became their union representative. Now care providers like Kris Greene are fighting back, seeking to decertify the union, in what may be the largest decertification effort in labor law history. In Minnesota, home care providers—also known...

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