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MN Court Workers File Fed Lawsuit Against Forced Union Dues


One of the biggest issues left unresolved by the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was the constitutionality of compulsory union dues for public employees as a condition of employment. But a federal lawsuit, Keller v. Shorba, filed today by two Minnesota court employees joins a handful of other cases across the country that offer the high court the option of revisiting the controversial issue sooner than expected. The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation announced the legal action today on behalf of Carrie Keller, a Court Administrative Assistant, and Elizabeth Zeien, an Accounting Technician, both employees of the...

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Dayton sacrifices children on the altar of government unions, again

K-12 Chalkboard

Dayton has tanked Opportunity Scholarships and from what I hear this morning, is threatening to veto a very, very generous spending package for K-12 schools because the bill did not fund his signature pilot program that adds a new grade for four-year-olds. I had hoped all that spending could be ransom money to save our kids. ...

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Joint Committee schedules another hearing on PCA/SEIU “Contract”

DeKruif Family at SER PCA Hearing

Rep. Marion O'Neil, Sen. Michelle Benson and others in the Legislature have called for hearings rather than business as usual. Normally, employee contracts are rubber-stamped. The risk next week is that the new SEIU/PCA contract will be ratified, with devastating legal consequences for PCAs who do not want the SEIU speaking for them. ...

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Lawmakers Spar Over Controversial Home Care Worker Contract

Sen. DeKruif & Fam

It's not often a hearing of the Subcommittee on Employee Relations packs the room. But the chambers were filled for a hard-hitting legislative session at the State Capitol on Monday that put the Service Employees International Union and their backers on notice. The message? No more business as usual when it comes to public employee union contracts considered for approval by state legislators. The abrupt change caught Democrats off guard. “I have served on this subcommittee as the longest serving member," said Rep. Debra Hilstrom (DFL-Brooklyn Center). " I have never seen what’s about to happen today happen in this subcommittee ever and...

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Lawmakers to Focus on Fraud Allegations in Home Care Union Election

Group Photo

The Minnesota Legislature's Joint Subcommittee on Employee Relations will hold a hearing tomorrow to investigate allegations of fraud related to the 2014 statewide union election to organize personal care attendants. The Daily Signal has the latest example of the sort of irregularities Subcommittee Chairs Rep. Marion O'Neill (R-Buffalo) and Sen. Michelle Benson (R-Ham Lake) will be looking into.  An in-home caregiver named Edison is supposed to live in a unit on the seventh floor of the Cedars of Edina apartment complex, according to a list supplied by the state government. But when The Daily Signal tags along on a visit to the...

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Gov. Dayton should take olive branch offered on pre-K

Duluth News Tribune The governor's office and the statewide teachers' union Education Minnesota have made it clear that, once again, one of the top DFL priorities is universal pre-kindergarten classes. What started as a private scholarship program for at-risk kids has morphed into a nursery-school pilot program at our K-12 schools. And now the governor wants all 4-years-olds in school. This is the issue that forced a special session last year. In order to get a K-12 education bill signed, the Legislature provided $25 million to serve 74 school districts and 3,300 preschool-aged kids under a pilot program. Children as young as...

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National Review Highlights SEIU Fraud in PCA Election

SEIU Press Conference

A personal-care attendant in Otter Tail County said she never voted for the union or agreed to join and have dues deducted. In the fall of 2015, however, she noticed that the SEIU had been skimming dues from her Medicaid funds. When she complained, the SEIU said it had her signed dues-deduction authorization card on file. ...

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Eliot Seide’s Foolish Take on High Minnesota Taxes

0 JH RedMinnesota87

I give Eliot Seide, Minnesota’s leading public employee union boss, credit for his clever Star Tribune column (“OK, it’s a drag, but think what your taxes do”) that painted all the joys of paying high Minnesota taxes on the eve of tax day.  Those foolish Tea Party protesters should be grateful for the opportunity, otherwise imagine the horrors of living without clean water, indoor plumbing, highway lines and lights, the sense of community provided by public transit, teachers, bus drivers, lunchroom staff, librarians, state parks, walleye-stocked lakes, a safety net for the less fortunate, and Meals on Wheels. The logic of Seide’s...

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A Different Kind of Election Fraud in Minnesota?


Election fraud in Minnesota is the top story in today's edition of The Daily Signal out of the nation's capital. Not more cases of felons and other ineligible residents who cast ballots illegally in the 2016 election. The alleged fraud under scrutiny involves what was billed as the biggest public employee union election win in state history back in 2014. State lawmakers want Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s administration to explain its apparent faith in a politically connected union despite evidence of fraud since the union won an election to represent thousands of residents who care for disabled relatives in their homes. State...

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Why 4-Year-Olds Should Beat Governor Dayton Back with an Olive Branch

dayton reading to kids

The Governor’s office, DFL leaders and the teachers union, Education Minnesota, have made it clear that once again, one of their top priorities remains “Universal Pre-K” in Minnesota. Unless Senators want to fund their political opponents, let’s hope Senators follow the House’s lead and fund school readiness instead. It's a respectable start. ...

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