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The SEIU Hopes to Plunder the Families of Disabled People

    Minnesota homecare workers mount historic fight against the union Summary: In an effort to help their political supporters in the unions, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and the state’s legislature classified Minnesota’s home care providers as government employees for purposes of collective bargaining. Following a highly questionable vote, these home care providers were unionized. SEIU Healthcare, part of a national union closely tied to President Obama, became their union representative. Now care providers like Kris Greene are fighting back, seeking to decertify the union, in what may be the largest decertification effort in labor law history. In Minnesota, home care providers—also known...

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DFL: Expanding Government Unions and Our Dependency on the State

The Governor’s office and DFL leaders have made it clear that one of their top priorities remains the institution of “Universal Pre-K” in Minnesota. They want to send all four year-olds off to school, thus adding a new “grade” to our public schools (requiring thousands of new employees, as well as transportation, classrooms, etc.). I do not know what Pre-K would add to the state budget but I do know that it would cost our culture, electoral process and our economy a lot more. Dayton’s retirement, whether that happens in two years or sooner, will not end this push to change...

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The Real Story is not “Fake News” or the Russians. It’s Labor Union Spending.

Federal filings by labor unions are in for the years 2012-2015. The good folks at Union Facts have combed through the data, finding that labor unions spent $530 million almost exclusively on left-wing candidates and issues aligned with the Democratic Party, including plenty here in Minnesota. Union Facts noted, “Yet roughly 40 percent of union households vote Republican in any given election cycle. (In 2016, the number was 43 percent.) The disturbing discrepancy points to the gradual evolution of labor unions from worker advocacy organizations to Democratic Party subsidiaries that are increasingly beholden to Democratic elites instead of blue-collar employees.” That means that almost half of union members...

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American Experiment Files Complaint: Star Tribune “Reporter” Chris Serres

In October, we told you about a "social services" Strib reporter who writes on the news pages like a commentator or advocate. It is an old fashioned but good idea that "news" be factual and balanced while commentary has greater license to advocate a particular point of view. This is the formal complaint we sent today to his boss, Rene Sanchez, Editor and Senior Vice President at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Dear Mr. Sanchez, I left a message with Michael Klingensmith a while back, but I am told I should bring my concerns to you. I just left you a voicemail. Your “social...

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SEIU and State Ordered to Halt Early Contract Talks in Boost for PCA Decertification Drive

The Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services has ordered the suspension of contract talks between the Service Employees International Union representing personal care attendants and state negotiators to avoid interfering with a union decertification campaign underway. “This Order is issued to preserve existing conditions and promote a free and fair environment for the resolution of this question of representation,” said Carol Clifford, a BMS Representation Specialist, in a two page order dated December 5. “…It shall remain in full force and effect until an investigation and/or hearing has been conducted and the matter is disposed of by a determination issued by the Commissioner of...

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Uber Drivers: A Preferred Way to Get Around When I Travel and a Great Income and Flexible Job for Many

I was in D.C. last week meeting with colleagues who are focused on labor issues both in their respective states and the U.S. Congress. It was exciting to consider all the bad policies that are going by the wayside (like Obama’s overtime rule) and all the good policies that will now get a fair hearing. I had a few hours on Monday morning before my meetings began. Should I spend the morning responding to emails, or head out to Mount Vernon to commune with George and Martha? Hmm, hard choice…. When I travel I strongly prefer to use Uber to get around,...

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PCAs ask Governor Dayton for a new election today

Today is the day that MNPCA is required under Minnesota law to demonstrate that 30 percent of the SEIU bargaining unit wants a new election. It will deliver thousands of cards from personal care attendants (PCAs) all over the state asking Governor Dayton to listen to them. MNPCA is confident that more than 30 percent of PCAs would not only ask for a new election but vote overwhelmingly against being represented by a labor union. Remember that only 13 percent of PCAs voted in favor of the union in 2014. That is why the Dayton administration, which fought so hard to get...

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Court Blocks Controversial O.T. Regs Imposed by Executive Order

There goes another one.  Another signature Obama executive order put on hold as effortlessly as it was imposed, further underscoring the fragility of a presidential legacy that could be determined in great measure by the courts. A federal court in Texas this week blocked implementation of a sweeping set of controversial white collar overtime provisions that were set to take effect within days.  Critics called it a "ham-handed attempt to raise wages through regulation" and harmful to the middle class. Meantime, one media outlet noted the irony that the federal judge who rebuffed the Administration got his black collar job as a result of being selected...

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Tina Smith is running for governor by spending taxpayer funds with giveaway to her core constituency: government unions

Lt. Governor Tina Smith wants to be our next governor. The relentlessly cheerful campaign, which is conducted out of Governor Dayton’s office, began years ago. Now the pace has picked up as she and Dayton scramble to protect their allies and lock in policies before facing a resolutely more conservative Senate and House next term. She is also spending other people’s money to benefit a core constituency: state employees. Before joining the Dayton administration, Tina Smith, was chief of staff to Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. And before that vice president of public affairs for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota & South Dakota. You can...

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Is the Dayton administration trying to prevent PCAs from winning a new union election?

MNPCA is a coalition of home-based personal care attendants (PCAs) who care for persons with disabilities in their homes under a Medicaid program. In most cases, the PCA is a woman caring for a family member though we estimate that about 20 percent are not relatives. These PCAs were unionized as “state employees” in 2014. If that seems odd to you, you are not alone (and can read more on how this happened at MNPCA.org FAQ). Shortly after being unionized, the State and SEIU signed a “collective bargaining agreement” even though all the benefits under the contract must be funded by Congress...

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