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State Ordered to Turn Over List to Personal Care Attendants Fighting Union

A Ramsey County Court has ordered the Minnesota Department of Human Services to stop stalling and turn over the names of thousands of personal care attendants to a coalition leading a union decertification drive against SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. Minnesota Personal Care Attendants (MNPCA), a coalition of personal care attendants who provide home-based care for the disabled recently sued three state agencies in an attempt to get an accurate and up-to-date contact list of home care workers to notify about the campaign. MNPCA is working to force a new election in hopes of decertifying the union that won a 2014 low turnout...

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State Admits to Judge that it does not have list of PCA “Bargaining Unit” Union Members

Last Thursday, October 27th was a busy day for a coalition of devoted personal care attendants (PCAs) trying to decertify the SEIU Union that got itself “elected” in 2014 with just 13 percent of the PCAs in the Choice program. All of these PCAs care for a person with a disability in the home of their client, which is usually their home, too. Most of these PCAs are women caring for a disabled family member under a wonderful Medicaid program. They reject the idea that they are “state employees” who can be forced into a union, or that SEIU should be...

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Decertification Effort Against SEIU on FOX News and Star Tribune

Center of the American Experiment and Minnesota Personal Care Attendants (MNPCA) hosted a well-attended press conference at the State Capitol on Wednesday, October 19th to announce a lawsuit recently filed against three state agencies. They also provided an update about their effort to decertify the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The event was front page news in the “Minnesota” section of the Star Tribune and got a long, very good segment on the evening news on FOX9 . MNPCA, a coalition of Personal Care Attendants (PCAs), is seeking to decertify the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) PCA bargaining unit. The union...

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Personal Care Attendants File Lawsuit and Move to Decertify SEIU 

Minnesota Personal Care Attendants (MNPCA) are suing the State of Minnesota for undermining its drive to decertify the Service Employees International Union by failing to provide up-to-date lists of PCAs as required, the coalition of home care workers and advocates today announced at a State Capitol press conference. MNPCA needs 30 percent of home care workers statewide to sign a card authorizing an election in order to decertify the SEIU Healthcare Minnesota bargaining unit.   “Right now, we just do not know how big the bargaining unit is because we do not have an accurate list,” said Doug Seaton, an attorney who...

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MNPCA Update: Who is Chris Serres? Reporter or Union Activist?

Recently, a Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter named Chris Serres wrote a sympathetic article about a new SEIU union for home-based personal care attendants (PCAs):  “Minnesota's home care workers demand action on staff shortages, low wages: Two years after a contentious battle to form a union, they are starting contract negotiations” We thought the article felt more like a press release for the SEIU’s press conference last week. The press conference, announcing the start of new contract negotiations, was held at the Senate Office Building last Wednesday, September 28.  We just happened to find out about it that morning. I was able to...

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Trump releases Child Care Plan. Doesn’t the president, even Congress, have more important things to do?

It’s a very silly season, even for Minnesota. We have cities adopting or thinking about adopting laws that tell private employers what to pay workers, how to manage paid time off for illness, parental leave and other conditions of employment. Campaigns to raise the minimum wage dominate the news. The Center will discuss a lot of these issues next week at the lunch forum on the Minimum Wage . The Trump campaign, championed by daughter Ivanka Trump, released its own “New Child Care Plan.” Presumably candidate Clinton has one of her own, along with policy prescriptions on minimum wage, parental leave...

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Center’s SEIU Decertification Project in U.S. News & World Report

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, former chief economist of the U.S. Department of Labor, a senior fellow and director of Economics21 at the Manhattan Institute wrote a great article in U.S. News & World Reprt called "Leaving is Too Much Labor: Joining a union is easy, but getting out of one is too tough for workers." You can read the entire article at the link above. Here is the shout out to MNPCA.org and what we are trying to do here in Minnesota. It's no easier for state employees to get rid of a union. A group of personal care assistants in Minnesota is trying to...

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SEIU Gets Credit for State Benefits, While Collecting Millions in Scarce Medicaid Funds

Kris Greene and other home-based Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) do not want to be represented by the SEIU. With help from the Center’s Employee Freedom Project, Kris has launched a call at MNCPA.org for a new election so the 27,000 PCAs all over Minnesota have the chance to revisit the 2014 vote that made SEIU their exclusive representative. Kris recently told her story in the Star Tribune. Another PCA published a “Counterpoint” to Kris explaining, “Why, as a personal care attendant, I'll stick with the union.” The Counterpoint writer made a very sympathetic case for why he and his family members...

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Lakeville Mom Takes on Big Labor

Question: How many moms does it take to stop the Service Employees International Union? Answer: About 9,000, give or take. And Lakeville mother Kris Green is leading the way to get the SEIU out of the homes of parents who care for family members with special needs. Five years ago, I joined a Minnesota program and became a personal care assistant (PCA) to my daughter. Though I had been caring for her for her entire life, joining this PCA program allowed us to receive a modest Medicaid subsidy to assist in her care. It also allowed Meredie to live at home, instead...

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Your Medicaid dollars at Work: SEIU asks Personal Care Attendants for political donations

A group of Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) in Minnesota announced last week that they want out of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) bargaining unit formed in 2014. They say they are not “state employees” and do not want anyone getting between them and the people they care for. Nor do they think PCAs should be paying 3 percent of their wages, funded by taxpayers under Medicaid, to SEIU or any union., for that matter. They have called for an election, and this time they want a real election that ALL PCAs get to vote in, not just the 13 percent...

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