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Oregon public school employees stand up for their rights by taking on teachers’ union

Four Oregon public school employees filed suit against their union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), for refusing to honor their union resignation requests and not stopping dues deductions. This lawsuit is similar to other cases across the country—including in Minnesota....

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Alaska governor working quickly to defend public employees’ First Amendment rights

Last year’s Janus v. AFSCME decision by the U.S. Supreme Court freed public employees from being forced to financially support a government union, but the affected states are not fully in compliance with the ruling, and Alaska is working to be the first state to change that....

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Center of the American Experiment wins awards for research and advocacy with nationwide impact

Center of the American Experiment announced its work was recognized with two major awards, highlighting the nationwide impact of its research and advocacy. The awards were presented last week at State Policy Network’s annual gathering of over 150 independent state policy organizations with over 1,300 attendees in Colorado Springs. The Bob Williams Award for Most Influential Research was awarded to the original research report “Doubling down on failure: How a 50% by 2030 renewable energy standard would cost Minnesota $80.2 billion.” The report concluded that a proposed renewable energy mandate would significantly increase the cost of energy and destroy jobs but have no measurable...

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Heartless union holds MN public employee captive as she fights cancer

Sue Halloran, a senior account clerk in the business office at Inver Hills Community College, was pulled out of a training session in April 2018 by an AFSCME Council 5 representative who wanted her to join the union. He explained that she had not signed up for union membership, and that all she had to do was sign a dues authorization form on his tablet computer. Feeling rushed and pressured to return to her job training, Sue quickly signed her name and returned to work....

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