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Indiana Community Beats Back Industrial Wind Facility

The #Resistance to industrial wind and solar facilities is growing throughout the entire nation. San Bernardino County, the largest county in California, has banned new wind and solar developments, and an Indiana community has beat back a proposed 200 MW wind facility in the Hoosier State, according to the Courier Press. In a statement to the Princeton Daily Clarion, E.ON wind development manager Karsen Rumpf said the new zoning rules Gibson County passed last month – which would set restrictions for the turbines and ban them from being built within two miles of schools, hospitals and other structures – made it...

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California Blackouts: A Reality Check for Minnesota’s Wind and Solar Ambitions

The following article was written by Isaac Orr and originally appeared in the Faribault Daily News:  Millions of California families and businesses recently lost their electricity during a record-breaking heat wave. The blackouts occurred because of bad decisions by California politicians to shut down many of the state’s reliable nuclear, natural gas, and coal-fired power plants, resulting in an overdependence on unreliable energy sources like wind and solar. As a result, the state was unable to generate enough electricity to meet demand when it was needed most. California’s rolling blackouts should be a reality check for the Minnesota lawmakers, utility executives, and...

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Could Alberta, Canada become the 51st state?

A new billboard that has appeared in Edmonton, Alberta (home of the Oilers hockey team) asks Albertans the question, "Should Alberta join the USA?" For those of you who are unfamiliar, Alberta is basically the Texas of Canada. It is the largest producer of oil and natural gas in Canada and Alberta accounted for nearly 82 percent of Canadian oil production in 2018. Alberta also has large reserves of coal, and every year, it holds one of the world's largest rodeo called the Calgary Stampede. Like Texas, Alberta is also very independent, and the movement to separate from the rest of Canada...

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DFL State Central Committee Formally Supports A Moratorium Banning Copper-Nickel Mining in Minnesota

Last weekend, the DFL State Central Committee officially adopted a resolution calling for a moratorium banning copper-nickel mining projects in Minnesota, according to the DFL Environmental Caucus's Facebook page. The move is the latest sign that the policies endorsed by the party are moving further toward the agenda's of urban environmentalists and further away from the rural roots of the party that support farmers and laborers. The move is also the latest sign the energy and environmental policies of the party are moving further and further away from reality. Not only does the party platform now officially oppose copper-nickel mining, something mining...

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Michael Shellenberger: Stop Blaming Climate Change For California’s Fires. Many Forests, Including The Redwoods, Need Them

The following article originally appeared in Forbes. It was written by Michael Shellenberger. Fires have burned 1.3 million acres of California’s forests over the last month. That’s one million acres more than burned last year, and is an unusually high number for this early in the fire season. California political leaders including Governor Gavin Newsom and Senator Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, blame climate change. “If you are in denial about climate change, come to California,” Governor Gavin Newsom told the Democratic National Convention. “11,000 dry lightning strikes we had over a 72 hour period [led] to this unprecedented challenge with these wildfires.” The...

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Solar Panels Are Starting to Die. What Will We Do With The Megatons Of Toxic Trash?

Most people seem to believe that wind and solar panels produce no waste and have no negative environmental impacts. Unfortunately, these people are wrong. In reality, everything that humans do has an environmental impact, whether it be mining, using a coal-fired power plant, or even tourism. When it comes to energy and environmental policy, the real question to ask is not "will there be an impact?" but rather, "can the impacts be minimized?" and "do the benefits outweigh the costs?" Because everything has an effect on the environment, it is important that everyone understands the impacts of all energy sources so we...

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Why Transitioning to Renewable Energy Leads to Power Outages

According to Xcel Energy, the largest electric utility company in the state of Minnesota, the closing of large “baseload” power facilities in favor of renewable energy sources like wind and solar could have serious consequences, including power outages and widespread blackouts in the future. Indeed, with recent rolling blackouts hitting California – home to the most solar capacity of any state in the country – we are already seeing these consequences play out in real life. Baseload power facilities are typically fuel-based generators – such as coal facilities like Sherco and AS King and nuclear facilities like Monticello and Prairie Island –...

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Xcel Should Skip the Solar and Wind and Plan for A Nuclear Future

Last weekend the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an article entitled Xcel Looks At New Nuclear Options As it Moves to Carbon-Free Power Goals. The article explains that nuclear energy is critical to Xcel Energy's carbon free energy plans and the role that newer nuclear reactors could play in their energy portfolio. It is very telling that Xcel wants to build new nuclear power plants because according to a recent filing with Minnesota regulators, the company clearly knows that building a grid to operate on high levels of wind and solar penetration is a recipe for the kind of blackouts that recently affected 2...

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