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Wind Turbine Fires Underreported to Avoid Bad Publicity

According to Wind Power Monthly, an industry publication for the wind industry, the number of fires that occur with wind turbines is underreported because the industry hopes to avoid "reputational damage." The article states: "Industry-wide underreporting of fires at wind farms has led to poor risk mitigation and damage prevention strategies, a report from a fire suppression firm has found. Firetrace International's report, called In the Line of Fire, looks at the threat of wind farm fires amid changes in turbine technology and the climate. It draws insights from wind industry fire experts about how manufacturers, operators and investors can respond to an evolving threat...

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San Francisco Bans Natural Gas in New Home Construction in a State That Can’t Keep the Power On

California policymakers continue to enact bad energy policies. This time, the city of San Francisco joined nearly 40 other California towns in banning the use of natural gas in new buildings. According to Utility Dive, the city's Board of Supervisors passed legislation requiring new residential and commercial building construction to utilize all-electric power, starting with projects that file permits next year. Like the Minneapolis City Council, which keeps doubling down on defunding the police department despite an enormous uptick in crime, the people of California don't seem to be capable of helping themselves. San Francisco's decision was couched as a bold step toward...

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Real Clear Energy: The End Game

The following article originally appeared at RealClearEnergy: With the election of Joe Biden, the environmental movement has now established suzerainty over global economics. Gone not only is the troublesome Donald Trump but also the Canadian skeptic Steven Harper. Outside of those dismissed as far right, there is virtually no serious debate about how to address climate change in the U.S. or Western Europe outside the parameters suggested by mainstream green groups. In reality, though, few electorates anywhere are ready for extreme policies such as the Green New Deal, which, as its widely acknowledged architect, Saikat Chakrabarti, has acknowledged, is really a redder, more openly anti-capitalist version...

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Join Us Tomorrow For A Webinar on Mining in Minnesota!

Center of the American Experiment has released an update to our 2018 report on mining!   Join us tomorrow at noon Central Time, time to learn about how responsibly mining Minnesota's world class deposits of copper, nickel, cobalt and titanium can provide a massive boost to Minnesota's economy. The presentation will also discuss the biggest obstacles to realizing these opportunities.   Click Here to register for the event.   The webinar will be conducted by American Experiment Policy Fellow, Isaac Orr, and Debbie Struhsacker, a hard-rock mining expert with decades of experience in the industry....

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Line 3 Gets Final Approval, Allowing Construction to Move Forward

Yesterday, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency approved the final stormwater permits needed for the Line 3 replacement project. Construction on the pipeline can now begin, creating 4,500 jobs and reducing the risk of an oil spill in Northern Minnesota. It will also increase America's national security by increasing the amount of oil we import from Canada, reducing the need to buy oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela. American Experiment has written several articles on why the pipeline replacement project should have broad bi-partisan support from anyone who is seeking to maximize the economic benefits of affordable energy while...

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Final Line 3 permit approved; Construction to begin soon

Today, (November 30th), the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency approved the final permit needed for the Line 3 replacement pipeline project. The permit approval brings to an end the hard-fought and lengthy battle over the pipeline project that, from 70 public hearings and 13,500 pages of expert environmental analysis, was determined as the best thing for the environment. [caption id="attachment_22545" align="aligncenter" width="552"] Source: MN.GOV[/caption] For years, the Walz Administration has fought tooth and nail to delay the Line 3 replacement project, ignoring "the science" and "the data" showing that replacing the pipeline is in fact better for the environment. The current pipeline is...

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The Browning of the Golden State

With the presumptive win of Joe Biden to the presidency, it make sense to what the future will look like for our country over the next four years. Unfortunately, when it comes to energy and environmental policy, it will probably look an awful lot like California. As a result, I thought it would be good for our readers to read "The Browning of the Golden State," which I have posted below. Despite claims that liberals "follow the science," they disregard basic physics, the most fundamental science, when they advocate for our world to be powered by wind, solar, and battery storage,...

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In the Tank: Liberals Ungrateful Under the Trump Administration

The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal and Jim Lakely are joined by Isaac Orr for episode 271 of the In The Tank Podcast. With Thanksgiving upon us, it is a good time to reflect on things we are grateful for. The In The Tank crew discusses some of the policy accomplishments they are thankful for that occurred during Donald Trump's first term as president. They also talk about why liberals have been nothing but ungrateful during the past four years. https://youtu.be/SCDIOT3SoDE...

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