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Enjoy Your Fossil-Fueled 4th of July!

It's almost America's birthday, so make sure to celebrate in style and enjoy time with your friends and family. But as you celebrate, you may want to pay attention to the role fossil fuels play in your ability to enjoy the holiday. As you can see, coal, natural gas, and oil comprise the vast majority of all the energy consumed in Minnesota. This means your radios, air conditioners, and lawnmowers are probably all powered by fossil fuels. Your hamburgers may be cooked on a gas grill, or you may use oil-derived lighter fluid to start the charcoal. If you use an electric...

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Xcel Energy Seeks Eagle Kill Permit for Wind Farm

"How many bald eagle deaths from a North Dakota wind farm can wildlife officials accept?" The Fargo Forum recently posed that stark question in the headline for a no-nonsense story on the dangers to the national symbol posed by the turbines at the Courtenay Wind Farm up and running since 2016. Wind farms are hailed as a source of clean, renewable energy. But even wind energy supporters acknowledge that those spinning wind turbine blades impose an environmental cost: dead birds. Consequently, federal wildlife officials are mulling a morbid question involving a large North Dakota wind farm: How many bald eagle deaths do they consider acceptable...

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