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Xcel Energy Seeks Eagle Kill Permit for Wind Farm

"How many bald eagle deaths from a North Dakota wind farm can wildlife officials accept?" The Fargo Forum recently posed that stark question in the headline for a no-nonsense story on the dangers to the national symbol posed by the turbines at the Courtenay Wind Farm up and running since 2016. Wind farms are hailed as a source of clean, renewable energy. But even wind energy supporters acknowledge that those spinning wind turbine blades impose an environmental cost: dead birds. Consequently, federal wildlife officials are mulling a morbid question involving a large North Dakota wind farm: How many bald eagle deaths do they consider acceptable...

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Enviros Panic Over Judge’s Rejection of Wind Farm

Environmental activists and green energy special interest groups are circling the wagons. They're panicking over an administrative law judge's thumbs-down on a huge, but locally unpopular proposed wind farm on the Minnesota/Iowa border. That's where American Experiment has erected numerous billboards in response to local opposition to wind farms in order to highlight the high cost and low benefits of Minnesota's renewable energy mandate. Evidently, what most concerns the renewable energy industry is that the court based its decision on environmental grounds--noise pollution. A judge’s recommendation that a proposed Minnesota wind farm be nixed over turbine noise has drawn a flurry of...

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