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How Installing Wind Energy Increases Electricity Prices

American Experiment has recently launched a billboard campaign highlighting the findings of our study “Energy Policy in Minnesota: The High Cost of Failure,” and we have received some feedback on the report and the corresponding billboard campaign: After reading through some of this feedback, there are still some misconceptions that can be clarified about the impact of wind energy and electricity prices. Many people believe that adding wind power to the grid reduces the cost of electricity because there are no fuel costs for wind turbines. It is true that wind has no fuel cost, however this is only a very small...

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American Experiment’s Wind Energy Campaign Comes to Freeborn County

If you haven't read American Experiment's explosive report on wind energy, Energy Policy in Minnesota: The High Cost of Failure, you should. It documents the fact that around $15 billion has been spent on wind energy in Minnesota, with no discernible impact other than rising electricity rates. You can download the report as well as read a fact sheet summarizing its findings at MNGreenEnergyFails.com. Freeborn County has been the scene of growing opposition to noisy, unsightly, unproductive and land-devouring wind turbine farms. It is also where the Center has placed billboards along Highways 90 and 35 promoting its wind energy campaign...

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American Experiment Testifies in Front of MN House of Representatives Committee on Job Growth and Energy Affordability Policy on Wind Energy

Yesterday (March 20th, 2018) John Hinderaker, John Phelan, and I were invited to give a presentation in front of the Minnesota House of Representatives Committee on Job Growth and Energy Affordability to discuss American Experiment’s report on wind energy entitled: “Energy Policy in Minnesota: The High Cost of Failure.”...

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Solar Power Strikes Out in Carver County

[caption id="attachment_9738" align="alignleft" width="271"] Carver County Board of Commissioners[/caption] Solar power proponents hit a brick wall recently on the fringe of the metro area in Carver County.  Three long-standing proposals to install so-called solar community gardens were all turned down in February by the Carver County Board. While two of the projects were opposed by the county planning commission, board members overrode a favorable staff recommendation in also rejecting a third solar facility in Waconia Township. That denial came in spite of a last-minute attempt by the developer to offset aesthetic and other objections raised by neighbors, including cash payments. But the...

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