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American Experiment Responds to Critical Energy Post

Unfortunately, Minnesota has already picked winners and losers in the energy sector. The winners are monopoly utility companies who make a profit on every dollar they spend on infrastructure, and those with financial interests in wind and solar power.  The losers are Minnesota families, businesses, and anyone else who pays an electric bill because the policies used to advocate for more renewable energy have resulted in electricity prices in Minnesota increasing faster than the national average. ...

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State Pollution Agency’s Power Grab on Northern Lakes Slapped Down–Again

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency just got smacked down--again. The rogue agency's audacious attempt to micro-manage 1,300 northern lakes and streams was turned back on appeal. The Duluth News Tribune coverage notes the state's power grab flat-out failed every test for administrative law rule-making by an agency. Minnesota's chief administrative law judge has backed an earlier ruling and decided against the Pollution Control Agency on the proposed new rule for sulfate pollution limits for lakes and rivers that hold wild rice. The PCA in late March appealed the January decision by Judge LauraSue Schlatter, who said the PCA's proposed new sulfate rule failed to...

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Three Reasons Gas Prices Will Be Higher this Summer, and One Reason They Won’t Be as High as They Could Be

There's good news and bad news. Gas prices this summer are forecast to be higher than they have been for the last four years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Here are three reasons gas prices will be higher this summer than last year, and one reason why they won't be as high as they could be...

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American Experiment Refutes Mondale’s Misleading Claims on Mining

American Experiment's newest staff member, energy and environment expert Isaac Orr, has hit the ground running. In a column in the Duluth News Tribune, Orr refutes irresponsibly misleading and dated claims made by former Vice President Walter Mondale on the environmental impact of copper mining. As our state moves toward responsible mining of some of the richest mineral deposits in the world, it's critical for Minnesotans to have accurate information to inform the decision-making process.  Orr's response can also be read here. In a commentary in the News Tribune, former Vice President Walter Mondale cited poll numbers indicating a vast majority of...

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U.S. About to Shatter Oil Production Records

Remember when the United States was seemingly about to run out of oil? In 2006, then-President George W. Bush declared the United States was "addicted to oil," and the impending shortcoming in oil supplies meant the U.S. must "break this addiction." Fast-forward 12 years and American oil producers are about to produce more oil than they ever have before. ...

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