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Roseau Becomes First MN County Designated as Second Amendment Sanctuary

There was a standing room only crowd of supporters packed into the Roseau County Courthouse last week when the county board voted unanimously to become the first county or city in Minnesota to be designated a Second Amendment Sanctuary. The designation takes aim at proposed legislation in the works in St. Paul that many Roseau area residents and elected officials view as a potential threat to their constitutional right to bear arms, according to the Forum News Service. The motion goes on to resolve that “public funds of the county not be used to restrict the Second Amendment rights of the citizens...

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Sherburne County Could Become First MN Second Amendment Sanctuary

[caption id="attachment_17870" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Second Amendment Sanctuaries as of 1/19/20[/caption] In recent weeks more than 400 counties and cities in some 20 states have passed resolutions declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. The movement stems from the trend toward proposal and passage of tighter restrictions on gun ownership at the state level. No Minnesota city or county has yet taken that step, but that may be about to change. Rep. Shane Mekeland, R-Clear Lake has asked Sherburne County to consider becoming a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary, the first in the state. Mekeland sent a letter also signed by five GOP colleagues who represent portions...

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Pointless Virtue Signaling In St. Louis Park

There are two kinds of policy proposals: those that are actually intended to do something about a problem, and those that everyone knows won't do any good, but are intended to show that their supporters are the "right" kind of people. These days, there are more of the latter--commonly referred to as virtue signaling--than the former. For a textbook example, check out this Star Tribune story: "St. Louis Park seeks to strengthen firearm regulations upon request from students." St. Louis Park officials are developing policies to restrict the sale of firearms in the city and regulate how police get rid of...

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Why Are Schools Busing Students to Protests?

Today the Star Tribune reported that hundreds of students "walked out" of their schools to protest against guns and school shootings at the Capitol in St. Paul: The article itself repeats the "walk out" characterization, and otherwise implies that the students were at the Capitol on their own initiative: An idea that started with a little more than a dozen students ballooned into a huge crowd. Organizers of Wednesday’s protest said they turned to social media to mobilize students from different schools, urging them to wear their student colors and bring their loud voices. Similar walkouts are planned for other dates in March...

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Conceal and Carry: The World Would Be A Safer Place If Responsible Adults Could Carry Concealed Firearms

This column originally appeared in the Twin Cities Business Monthly on July 1, 1999. In Israel, according to John Lott of the University of Chicago, terrorist shootings decreased radically in the early 1970s after concealed- handgun laws were liberalized. "All of a sudden," he recounted in a Minneapolis speech last January, "elderly ladies would pull pistols out of their purses and fire at the terrorists, and the terrorists would complain that nobody had warned them." In Pearl, Mississippi not long ago, when a student started shooting, killing two other students, an assistant principal ran to his car a quarter of a mile away,...

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Has the Star Tribune Made a Case for Government-Mandated Church Attendance?

In the wake of Devin Kelley's mass murder in Sutherland Springs, a meme has sprung up on the Left: ridiculing those who say their thoughts and prayers are with the dead and wounded and their families. Such sentiments might seem inoffensive, but the anti-prayer theme is one that has been building among liberals for some time, and has taken off over the last two days. One of the many liberal outlets that have attacked those offering prayers on behalf of the victims is the Minneapolis Star Tribune's "Lawmakers' thoughts, prayers aren't good enough." Two assumptions underlie the Left's attack on those...

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Virginia shooting reiterates need for self-defense

This op-ed originally appeared June 24, 2017 in the St. Cloud Times. In addition to giving thanks that only the shooter was killed June 14 in Alexandria, Virginia, I suggest a proper response is devoting more energy than we usually do to thinking seriously, not just about how violent ends can befall any of us anytime, but how we’re more acquiescent about such vulnerabilities than we need be or should be. Politicians, journalists and the rest of the nation continue to speculate in fearful unison about how many members of Congress and other people likely would have been killed if two members of...

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Trapshooting Team Banned From School Yearbook [Updated]

Big Lake High School has a trapshooting team, which isn't surprising since trapshooting is the fastest-growing sport in Minnesota. Currently, around 11,000 students in 343 Minnesota high schools participate in the sport. From the photo below, it looks as though trapshooting is popular in Big Lake. Over 50 students apparently are participating: That's a nice photo, but it won't be appearing in the Big Lake High School yearbook. The Star Tribune reports that the photo has been banned because the trapshooters are holding firearms: Big Lake High School trapshooting coach Rhonda Eckerdt says she learned Wednesday from the athletic director that the...

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